Better candidates, easier recruiting via skills assessment tests

Skills assessment tests are carried out by different companies and recruitment agencies. It is used to skills tests potential candidates as well as existing employees. Skills testing software systems have a library of tests that agency recruiters and employers can use.

Apart from using an Applicant Tracking System to narrow down your quest, make sure you also use a CRM software to provide a positive candidate experience.

Each of these tests is designed to assess an individual’s level of skills and knowledge in a particular area. The tests are also devised to be suitable for beginners as well as experts. So recruiters can choose from Basic, Intermediate and Advanced when they want to evaluate the applicants.

Thus, if a hiring company needs a candidate with proficient knowledge of MS Office then all the applicants can be tested on the Advanced level of the test.

The most popular skills assessment tests are –

  • Literacy skills test
  • Numeracy skills test
  • MS Office skills test
  • Accounting skills test
  • Psychometric skills test
  • Data entry and typing skills test

These tests evaluate applicants on skills that are required for managing daily office work.

The need for better candidates

It is universal and common for hiring companies to want the best employees. Subsequently, recruiters want the best applicants to satisfy this requirement from the companies.

Better candidates mean a low risk of the wrong employee who disrupts the company atmosphere or of having to start the hunt for a new candidate again. It requires time and money to restart the new employee search. It is best to get it right the first time.

Recruiters start sifting candidates as soon as they receive the CVs and cover letters. Only those who match the qualifications and experiences set out in the job advert are shortlisted. Then candidates are further filtered through skills tests followed by several rounds of interviews.

The need for skills testing was prevalent in the last year when there was an unexpected upsurge of job seekers. But with the number of vacancies at an all-time low, recruiters had a stressful time managing the hundreds of applications for one role.

Role of online skills testing software in recruiting

Recruitment is fast-paced and extremely competitive. Candidates are looking for different and better opportunities. Hiring companies want the best candidates. Recruiters are invariably seeking top talent. All this happens within a short period.

So, if a recruiter wants to get a placement done quickly then they must work swiftly and smartly. Skills testing software is one of the tools that facilitate their work. It plays a prominent role in optimising the recruiting process.

Online skills tests are the norm now. Everyone benefits as it is quick, easy and effective. Candidates can take their test from anywhere they like. All they need is a reliable broadband connection and a computer device. Recruiters can bypass all the logistics of arranging and coordinating skills assessment tests. They need to simply select the relevant test and send it via email. Companies obtain test reports which they can use to make better hiring decisions.

These skills tests results are quite comprehensive, depending on the skills testing software vendor. Companies will be able to understand the strengths and potential of a candidate as well as how skilled the individual is when compared to a group of other candidates.

Additionally, skills testing is an excellent method to prevent candidate exaggeration. It is not uncommon for some applicants to overstate their abilities. These tests help provide the correct assessment of their talent.

Overall, skills testing software is an excellent tool that helps recruiters find better candidates in a quick and hassle-free manner. It is as important as recruitment software for quality recruiting.