NewsCan Couples Live Together in Assisted/Senior Living

Can Couples Live Together in Assisted/Senior Living


Deciding to spend the rest of your life in assisted living communities is no less than the next step milestone for a lot of people. For plenty of seniors, it may very well be the final one as well. Even if that’s the case, to them, the difficulty of the decision is not so much influenced by the finality of it as the kind of life they’ll be living with the time they have left.

Naturally, many dread the possibility of being alone or being separated from their family. In the case of couples, there’s the ready question of whether the senior living facility would be able to properly support and address each person’s individual needs.

This begs the question, “Is it ideal or practical for couples to live together in assisted living facilities?” Let’s take a look at the factors and the common scenarios couples are placed in if they decide to go for it.

Benefits of Residing in Senior Living Facilities with Your Spouse

Let’s first tackle the proven advantages of couples settling together in assisted living communities. This should, at least, shape your general expectations and determine whether it’s amenable to both of you.

1. You won’t have to be separated from each other.

This obvious advantage means you’ll have all the time in the world to spend with your significant other. And, more often than not, it’s time well spent because the community will be actively attending to both of your individual needs.

Of course, this setup also ensures you’ll less likely put up with the feelings of loneliness that might arise due to your being separated from your family. Not a lot of couples are blessed with longevity, so it’s only right to cherish it by ensuring both of you won’t miss out on the joys that life brings until the end.

2. The services and experiences are often life-changing.

Who says seniors no longer have joie de vivre? All of us, regardless of how old we get, will always respond to any experience that’s new and stimulating. Most communities have such exciting experiences, other people meet, and connections to make in abundance.

In fact, that’s exactly the reason why many receive feedback from residents attesting that the community changed their lives for the better. It’s not just about assisting, after all, but making sure you and your partner will still take part in and enjoy your daily lives.

3. A lot of communities anticipate and accommodate couples well.

In fact, they even have programs and suites for couples. Such facilities tend to be more adaptable to your specific requirements, to the point that your setup may differ entirely from other couples in the community.

These kinds of scenarios and challenges shall be expounded on more in the following section.

4. It’s more cost-effective most of the time.

Oftentimes, couples only have to pay rent for a single unit or suite with access to all the amenities offered by the facility.

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Even though you may pay extra for the latter, as well as the services of caregivers and when you enroll in special programs within the community, all of these boost quality of life, which, in the end, is well worth attaining.

How Certain Senior Living Services Overcome Challenges

For all the good it can readily bring, staying in elder care facilities as a couple is not without its challenges.

If, for example, you have reservations because your spouse has a serious condition such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, great facilities make the necessary adjustments to ensure both of you will receive the level of care that each of you needs. It’s actually in such scenarios that assisted living for seniors truly shine. After all, it can be hard for an elderly person to care for someone with special needs while minding his or her own limitations or disabilities.

In some communities¬† there is even a senior care service that specializes in memory care. This not only helps seniors afflicted with the conditions said above get by day to day. Rather, it’s also concerned with active therapies.

From cognitive therapy sessions done through games, exercises, and other creative activities the community might think of, patients would be able to enjoy immense relief from their symptoms, if not a certain degree of recovery as well. While doing so, caregivers encourage the patient’s spouse, family, and even friends to join in.

Other ways communities ensure topnotch care and experiences include:

  • Planning daily activities and establishing healthy routines to keep couples active.
  • Having the necessary services and amenities in place like pharmacies, spas, and salons to promptly deliver medical needs and conveniences by request. This way, you and everyone in the community will feel at ease should a medical emergency arise or if there’ lack of sources of entertainment around.
  • Both you and your partner won’t have to worry about not meeting your nutritional needs since plenty of assisted living communities prioritize making nutritious, well-balanced meal plans that ensures everyone’s health will be maintained.
  • Facilities also keep opportunities to learn new things high. Perhaps, you may have wanted to cultivate an urban garden for a long time now and discover and enjoy the nutritious bounties it imparts to you and your loved one. Education rarely becomes stagnant in senior care communities and a lot of residents can attest to this.
  • As for communication concerns, should any of you need to have to contact immediate family, know that facilities often make sure communication lines are always kept open with the help of the latest technologies in the form of smartphones, tablets and the communication apps that you can use with their help.

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Ultimately, it’s always best to spend the rest of your time on this world with your loved one. Nonetheless, your quality of life together would mainly be dictated by the specific community you choose. Once you begin to compare how some facilities render their services, you’ll discover that taking the time to find the perfect fit for you both pays off in the long run.

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