Car Accident Statistics: How Often Do Car Accidents Happen?

Did you know that a car accident happens around every 60 seconds? According to the NHTA (National Highway Traffic Administration), there are around 6 million car accidents each year in the United States.

As you can see, car accidents happen frequently and many of them are deadly. The Association for Safe International Road Travel reports that around 37,000 people die in an automobile accident each year. More than 2 million more people are injured or permanently handicapped in accidents. Of those killed in car accidents, 1,600 are children 15 years of age and under, while almost 8,000 people are between the ages of 16 and 20.

There’s been technological improvements and legal laws put into place to decrease deadly accident rates, but accidents still happen. A large percentage of accidents are caused by driver intoxication or the way one is driving. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), an alcohol-impaired driver causes 28 fatalities per day in the United States. Drunk drivers cause nearly 10,000 deaths each year, accounting for almost one-third of all traffic-related incidents.

Driving is dangerous, so if you don’t take it seriously, it can cost you. This is why it’s critical to know the laws of the road and how to handle different circumstances.

Despite the dangers of being on the road, 1 in every 7 people do not wear a seatbelt while driving. It’s proven that seat belts reduce a driver’s chances of dying. In fact, wearing a seatbelt decreases the risk of death by around 45% and cuts the risk of a serious injury by around 50%. If you’re not wearing a seatbelt, your chances of being thrown from a vehicle during an accident is 30 times more than if you were wearing a seatbelt.

Remember, if you are involved in a car accident, one of the first things you should do is contact a recommended car accident attorney. An expert attorney can assist you in the next steps you should take and advise whether or not you should file a claim.

Tips To Reduce The Chances of a Car Accident

– To ensure safety, you should wear your seatbelt. Always. Buckle up as soon as you get in the car. Never remove your seatbelt, ever, while inside your vehicle and driving.

– Always follow all road signs and stay within the speed limit. This is pretty obvious, but keep this in mind while traveling.

– If you’ve been drinking, do not drive. It’s as simple as that. If you are inebriated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, call an Uber or catch a ride from a friend. Driving while under the influence can negatively impact your life or someone else’s for years.

– Never keep your eyes in one place. Get in the habit of being alert of what’s going on on both sides of the road and checking your rearview mirror on a frequent basis.

– Recognize that other drivers will make errors and drive recklessly. It’s critical that you be aware and prepared to respond in a way that keeps you on the road safely. Even if another driver cuts you off and makes you angry, intentionally causing an accident can result in more serious consequences.

– When an emergency vehicle approaches, pull over to the right side of the road and come to a complete stop. Emergency vehicles are trying to respond to a nearby emergency and need all other vehicles to clear the way for them. It is the law to move to the right and pull over.

– When driving on multi-lane highways or multi-lane roads, keep in mind that the left-most lanes are exclusively for passing. Stay in the right lanes if you don’t plan to pass another car. Don’t remain in the left lane if you are driving slowly. It is discourteous and dangerous.

– Perform a basic safety check before driving a car, particularly in poor weather. Turn on the lights and go around the car to make sure they’re all functioning. Check to see whether your blinkers are functioning and if there are any fluid leaks or anything dangling from the car. Before traveling long distances, check your tires for air at a gas station or repair shop. If you can maintain your car speeding then you can avoid car accident.

– Before you go on the road, check your mirrors. Place your head against the left window and adjust the left mirror so that you can only view the left side of the vehicle. Move your head towards the middle of the vehicle on the right side, and adjust the mirror in the same manner. This will aid in the reduction of your blind areas.

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