Caring for a Chronic Wound – Some Suggestions for a Wound Care Specialist in New York 

A chronic wound is something that heals slowly, doesn’t heal, or recurs at a certain time. Chronic wound causes include skin cancers, burns, trauma, and even some underlying conditions that are related to diabetes. Some wounds need extra time for curing and they even require special care. The best way of treating such wounds is with the help of a wound care specialist. 

The wound requires extra time for healing and such a slow-healing issue can result in some serious infections in the infected area. Calvary Urgent Care is a center of Wound Care specialists and they help in managing all kinds of wound care in Humble. If you have a wound that is not healing early, then it is time to book an appointment with a wound care specialist. Visit the webpage to know more. 


Many issues can cause chronic wounds in people, and they are listed below: 

  • Persistent localization because of some medical issues can restrict the flow of blood to all body regions resulting in chronic wounds. 
  • The trophic ulcer is a condition where there is a lack of sensation. It will push the daily trauma to turn into an ulcer, and the prolonged condition will result in leprosy or diabetic neuropathy. 
  • Significant trauma and skin injury. 
  • Some of the bacterial and fungal infections. 
  • Deep burns. 
  • Surgical procedures including some incisions. 
  • Some of the diseases such as vascular diseases and diabetes. 

Healing Process 

The healing pattern in the case of chronic wounds follows a type of predictable pattern. When a stage of wound healing is interrupted, the wound may not heal perfectly. The stages of wound healing include: 

  • Inflammatory stage In the site of the wound, the blood vessels will become constricted to reduce the excess loss of blood. This results in a blood clot and the flow of the maximum volume of blood to this particular region. With the help of the skin cells, the wound will heal gradually. 
  • Fibroblastic stage This is the stage where the skin collagen fibers will get the strength to rebuild the lost and damaged skin cells in any wounded area. 
  • Maturation stage This is the stage where more supply of collagen fiber is done to the wounded region. The regeneration of the damaged skin cells is decided based on the severity of the damage to the skin layer because of the wound. 


The best way of handling chronic wounds as per the wound care specialists in New York is to keep the wounded area clean and dirt and debris free. The further suggestions include getting vaccinated for tetanus to avoid the chances of infection in the wounded region.