EducationChallenges your Kid face while learning online

Challenges your Kid face while learning online

According to a report, We Forum says “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed education forever.” Interesting to see how our education system has evolved in recent years and has helped many children and students to facilitate deeper connections and deep learning. With internet access, you can check valuable resources available for distance learning, which may help your kid in upscaling. Every coin has two sides. In this blog, we will discuss the other side and its aspects of distance learning and the problems experienced by students.

Do you think your kid is not attentive as earlier? It is quite possible with our recent change in the education system. The process of consuming education for children has completely changed. Hence, you can see there is a change in student mindsets. Few children are enjoying this pattern of learning, and others do not seem to be engaging.

Here are three possible barriers that your kids are not engaging in during distance learning.

Sudden change in circumstances: A new environment of studying through laptops or desktops may be a little overwhelming for few students. It is seen many families are fighting over the financial crisis, illness, and internet issues every day to handle this situation. Change in circumstances is one of the main reasons for your kid’s lack of interest in distance learning. In the classroom lecture, personal attention is provided to students who are not attentive, engaging, and need more teacher support. But in distance learning, this process is lacking. Also, it is not feasible for a teacher to observe each student in an hour of lecture. Thus this is one significant reason why few diligent students lack interest in this process of remote learning.

Books and materials not accessible: Due to the pandemic, physical books and materials are not accessible to students. It is one of the major issues why students are not engaging with distance learning. All kids are not the same; few may feel this is a big challenge for attending Online CPC Classes where they are not comfortable with the system. With the new system in place, it takes time to understand new norms and practices and then get involved in technology. It is hard to measure engagement and success when you are still learning how the new system works. Some students may struggle to learn with video lessons as they may need more visual support. Some may struggle with text-heavy directions and materials. Classroom lectures were more relatable and quick for kids to grasp the studies and understand the lessons.

Students need physical guidance: The physical guidance of a teacher is the key to better understanding the subjects and learning quickly. Subjects like Mathematics need physical attention and close monitoring as students do silly mistakes. But with distance learning means kids need to be more independent and responsible for learning. Parents and families are trying hard to juggle between works and help them in learning at home. If students get off track and miss assignments, then they can feel daunting. It is the reason why students are not able to cope up with the syllabus. Parents need to closely monitor their kids and teach them new ways of learning. Show them new learning videos, physical examples, and tell them the tips and tricks of learning so that learning becomes fun for them. Together a parent and a teacher can help students to shine fly with colorful numbers. This phase may get over soon then you will see your kids going to school and enjoying their childhood.

It’s important to realize that students are involved in a variety of ways. Do not expect action to look the same as before—or the same for each student. Engaging with students during distance learning may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Get firsthand from A to Z distance learning on how they’ve been navigating distance learning.

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