AllChatbots in Online Casinos: Are They Necessary?

Chatbots in Online Casinos: Are They Necessary?

On many websites, you’ll find a message that will pop out in the screen’s corner saying, “Hi, Welcome to the website! How can I help you?”

You may think you’re communicating with a human customer care agent, but actually, it’s a chatbot.

A chatbot is a program designed to ensure visitors receive quick answers to their questions. That’s why many online casinos like Bonusetu use these bots in many ways.

There are two main types of chatbots, command-based and artificial intelligence-based. Let’s look at the similarities and differences between each one below. 

Command-based chatbots

These chatbots rely on preprogrammed questions and their associated solutions. 

This type of chatbot can only provide solutions to questions that are similar to those that have been preprogrammed. 

It could be like making a query on a search engine. A search engine such as Google can only return results based on the results that closely match your query. 

Similarly, a command-based chatbot cannot answer questions that don’t match the existing ones. If this chatbot doesn’t understand the query, it can enlist the help of a human customer service representative.

Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots

These chatbots do not need to have questions and answers preprogrammed. 

They can give you an answer to an unclear question because the chatbot uses natural language processing, a field in deep learning to provide human-like replies. 

Like other machine learning algorithms, chatbots improve over time as they learn from increased data.

Use of chatbots in online casinos

There are several ways online casinos use chatbots. Let’s look at each one below:

Points of communication

A chatbot can provide points of contact for a casino’s customers. 

The chatbot may pass along crucial information like a policy change or new product to customers who visit the website. 

In addition, gamers may receive this same information on other communication channels as long as they have accounts with the casino.

Gives information on upcoming promotions

Casino operators use promotions and bonuses to beat their rivals and attract customers, and chatbots can offer casino gamers promotions and bonuses by studying and modelling customer behaviour. 

For example, a chatbot can note when a player has spent a long time on the website and offer them a bonus. Or they can look at how much money a gamer has won and present them with a more significant bonus if it looks like they’re about to leave the site.

Customer support

Online casinos offer convenience to players who do not have to travel miles away from home to engage in gaming. 

However, new players might need clarification on the website because of many things they need to understand before playing. 

A chatbot can make it easier for players to navigate the website and access the games offered.

Thus, a good casino website should integrate a chatbot that can answer crucial questions without human assistance. 

The quality of answers to a wide range of questions is heavily contingent on the deep learning algorithm used by the chatbot.

Save money

When it comes to online casinos, quality customer support is essential. However, hiring human customer support can be expensive. 

This is where chatbots come in handy. They save money by replacing human customer support. The only cost associated with a chatbot is the initial expense of buying and integrating the tool.

Chatbots also go further than humans in their service by allowing users access to 24/7 service.

Final Thoughts

As chatbots continue to improve over the years, they will likely take a more influential role in online casinos.

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