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Choosing a Platform for Trading

Choosing the right site can become a difficult task. There are too many impostors in the industry and all of them want your money at any cost. Your goal is to find a platform that meets all of your requirements considering exchange rate, limits, commission, trustworthiness and other parameters. Just2Trade is one of the best options for both newbies and those who have experience in trading. Here’s why the website is so popular:

  • The fees are really small. Users pay only 0.95% for each transaction.
  • Visa and Mastercard are accepted as banking options.
  • The platform supports both BTC and ETH exchanges.
  • Transactions are processed within 5 minutes. No other site is so fast.
  • It’s very easy to verify your account on this website.
  • J2TX has its own token that can be used for additional income.

Select the Sum

The first thing you need to do is open the site of the company and enter the amount of money that is to be exchanged. Make sure the sum is between $50 and $2500. You will be shown the exchange rate immediately. It is very convenient as you don’t need to refresh the website every time. Don’t forget to choose a cryptocurrency. At the moment, only 2 of them are supported, but the company plans to add more in the future.

Pass verification

As we have mentioned before, passing verification is quite simple. Provide some information about yourself and attach photos of documents to prove personal data. It’s the Sum&Substance company that provides this procedure, so everything is safe. Nobody will get access to what you send to the platform. The process usually takes a few hours. You’ll get a notification with the results. As soon as you are verified, move to the next step.

Fill in Billing Forms

The only thing left to do is paying for cryptocurrency. Enter card information into a special form on the site. You should be a holder of the card. Otherwise, the transaction will be rejected, as it’s stated in the Terms of Use. The only currency accepted is the United States dollar. The financial operation needs to be confirmed. You will be sent a code via SMS. Sometimes, you can receive a notification in a bank app, too. Check both of these options and try again, if there’s no code.  After a few attempts, contact customer support via email or feedback form. They’ll tell you what happened and what to do in such a situation.

The cryptocurrency will be added to your account a few minutes later. Now it’s your duty to decide how to use it. The most popular options are exchanging, holding in a wallet and investing. Choose a strategy depending on the situation on the market and stick to it.

Buy Tokens

The platform has a J2TD token that will later become the most significant element of the ecosystem. It’s already useful for investors, as you have an opportunity to receive a profit out of it. All you have to do is acquire some tokens. The fee that the platform receives for each transaction is distributed between investors and the company equally. It’s a great way to guarantee yourself a passive income indefinitely.

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