Choosing The Right Popcorn Machine

With the involvement of almost everyone trying to add value in their “little something” they are engaged in, value addition is the prerequisite here.

Nowadays, with the evolution of technology, achieving tremendous results is like a walk in and walk out game.

Therefore, the inventions taken to bring the Popcorn Machine to life have no regrets, moreover with its different price tags.

Popcorn Machine is a machine used for making popcorn snacks using kernels. These kernels are in different colors including white, yellow, red, and blue.

The most popular ones in the market are electric in nature as they produce flavored popcorn faster if salted and buttered.

It can either be used at home or for commercial purposes.

Purchasing the best Popcorn Machine depends on the purpose for which it’s going to serve. Is it commercial purposes or home use?

If you want it for a business, choosing one that serves commercial purposes could be the most preferred but uses electricity.

Unlike the one that uses charcoal, characterized with its low speed and unhygienic popcorn, the electric one serves high power producing tasty popcorn.

Regardless of the size of the machine, different models offer low cost on labor and supply.

In a nutshell, below are evidences anyone needs to know about Popcorn Machine and its price effects.

Size of the kettle

When deciding to buy the machine, consider its size as one of the factors that affect popcorn machine price in Kenya.

This is important, depending on the volume of kernels placed in it to produce flavored popcorn,

If you are holding a party or running a large business, the one with the largest size would be the most recommended.


This is the center of all considerations. Knowing the price range of the product as a clue should be in mind.

Buying an expensive machine that will save you less operation costs is better than buying a cheap one with too many repairs.


Whether it’s a table-top machine or popcorn cart, looking for a good quality machine is helpful before urging yourself to buy one.

A tempered glass machine has scratch resistant characteristics, making cleaning easy.

On the other hand, the plastic geared ones tend to be cheap compared to the superior ones. Therefore, low-priced ones could be of poor quality compared to the expensive one.

Wattage of the Machine

Obtaining a machine that has 640 Watts is the ideal one. Look for one that spends less time cooking and more time enjoying your snacks at,

the comfort of your cinema hall.

How it works

When it’s powered, its fan blows air into the kernels through the path and out of the vent.

The top part of the vent has popcorn kernels. After heating the kernels, they start to pop up about 3 feet (0.91 m) in the air!

Put in mind that, while eating is a must, buying a popcorn machine could be one of the kitchen requirements used to make quick,

snacks without hustle.

In Conclusion, having a fun party, or long-lasting business could be a hilarious success by choosing an expensive Popcorn machine,

that could not only advance your business to the next level, but also bring Joy and happiness to the family.