Is your water quality a concern? Do you find yourself boiling and freezing your drinking water to make sure that it is safe for consumption? If so, then distilled water may be the solution that you are looking for. This process removes any impurities from the water by boiling it until all of the chemical compounds evaporate. The resulting clean, distilled vapor is then condensed back into pure liquid form. It’s an easy way to enjoy safer, cleaner drinking water!

Benefits of Vapor Distilled Water

Here are a few of the benefits that you can enjoy by switching to distilled water:

  • Removes contaminants from tap water for a purer taste
  • Reduces contaminants in drinking water, such as chlorine compounds and other impurities.
  • Provides flavorless water so you can drink it plain or add your favorite natural fruit extracts without altering the taste.
  • Creates healthy water because all bacteria, including fungi and viruses, is removed during distillation. Plus, no matter how much minerals are in your original source of tap or well water before it’s turned into vapor, all impurities will be gone once it has been condensed back into liquid form.

This process is very similar to the way that household steam irons work. A metal plate is heated until it turns into water vapor, which becomes trapped by a sealed compartment. When the pressure in this area rises, some of the vaporized water is re-condensed back to its liquid state so that it can cool down and start the process again. The only difference is that with household steam irons, electricity or heating coils are used to generate the necessary heat for this process to take place. However, you can put any source of fire or flame underneath your personal vapor distilled water system in order to produce pure steam in just minutes!

How Does Vapor Distilled Water Get Cleaned in Aquapap?

In order to produce the cleanest water possible, distilled water is actually more of a two-step process. This is because it’s not safe to drink immediately after vapor distillation is complete. In fact, it can take up to 24 hours for all of the chemical compounds and bacteria in your tap or well water to evaporate before you’re able to enjoy cleaner drinking water with less impurities!

This is why Aquapap uses a second stream of water to clean and pressurize the vapor before it flows out through your faucet. First, we start by using another source of tap water to rinse any contaminants from the vapor line after distillation. Then we pass this cleaning solution through an ultraviolet light chamber for sterilization, which ensures that you are only drinking cleaner water instead of bacteria-laden liquid along with all of your chemical compounds. Finally, this purified water is passed through alkaline resin filters to remove any remaining impurities before it moves on to be condensed back into vapor steam.

How Can Vapor Distilled Water Be Used?

Vapor distillation is perfect if you want to purify water for personal use, whether it’s for drinking or bathing. You can also use distilled water in accordance with various alternative healthcare procedures that require highly purified water. However, it’s important to only consume the steam from this process because there may still be traces of impurities within the condensed liquid form of your vapor distillate.

How Do I Set Up A Vapor Distilled Water System?

For about $300, you can purchase a do-it-yourself or pre-assembled unit that will fit perfectly into any home kitchen. The entire process works on thermal dynamics, so all you have to do is follow the instructions included along with your unit and set up a fire or stove underneath it whenever you want to purify water. With a little patience and maintenance, this process is sure to last for years – all while providing you with the purest, safest drinking water that money can buy!

Where To Find Vapor Distilled Water?

You can purchase vapor distillers online from companies like Aquapap. The price of one unit ranges anywhere from $300-$500, depending on size and other specifications. They are a perfect way to enjoy cleaner, safer drinking water without any dangerous chemicals or pollutants!