Creative Tips to Lower Stress Levels in Your Body


You are bound to go through stress at some point as a human being. It is part of life as you can’t always be happy and content. But it would help if you found ways to deal with stress – or at least lower the stress levels. Over the years, several types of research have been done concerning stress and how it can affect you physically and emotionally. That’s why you need creative ways to deal with it. Here are some top tips to lower stress levels in your body.


When you work out, it’s not only about keeping fit; you can also use it to relieve some stress. You can experience better results when your workout routine is consistent. If you are new to working out, you can hire a personal trainer, or better yet, sign up for an online training program through a company like The Fitness Group. You can become certified to instruct, while learning how to take care of yourself. It’s really a win-win opportunity for you.  If you’re looking to become a certified personal trainer someday, you can also check out this personal training software free and see how it can help your training sessions.

Here’s how exercise can affect your stress levels:

  • Sleep – workouts will improve the quality of your sleep
  • Confidence – you’ll have confidence in your body which is something you may be struggling with.
  • Stress hormones – when you regularly exercise, the stress hormones in your body are lowered.


Another acceptable way to relieve your body of stress is by journaling. You can write down what was stressing as a way of letting it out. In addition, you may need to add therapeutic candles to the process. While your journal with a scented candle in the back, the whole experience will be much better. It would help if you also wrote down what you’re grateful for on that particular day. Gratitude can also be a great stress reliever.

Reduce Caffeine

Caffeine intake may heighten your stress levels as you are likely to concentrate on the strongest emotion you have, which may be harmful. And when you take massive doses of caffeine, it will eventually increase anxiety levels. So you need first to know how much caffeine your body can handle.

Spend More Time with Loved Ones

When you spend time with your loved ones, you are far likely to feel the joy around them. Love too will be experienced, and this can bring your mood levels up a notch. They can also act as your social support, and you can talk to them about what bothers you. Women, especially they, need to spend more time with friends and family as this will release oxytocin, a stress reliever. This effect is commonly referred to as “tend and befriend.”

Learn to Say No

Most things that may stress you are within your reach, and you need to take control of your life. The first way you can take control of your life is by saying ‘NO,’ and you have to mean it when you say it. Don’t let responsibilities overburden you, especially if they aren’t yours. Learning to say no and living with that decision will be a huge bonus to relieve stress. Being selective isn’t selfish; it’s all about watching out for and taking care of yourself.

How to Lower Stress Levels in Your Body

You can certainly lower the stress levels in your body when you have the right tips to follow. Above are some of the few you need to incorporate to get rid of stress in your life.