Crisis Communication & Management: How to Handle PR Crisis Storm?


PR crisis is a very general situation that every organization faces at one or the other time during its business period. From a negative review on social media from huge scandals, it can be anything and occur at any point in time. The only problem with a PR crisis is that if you are not prepared with your crisis communication and management plan in advance, it may cause huge damage to the reputation of the organization which may take years to regain.

Therefore, here are some tips for you that can help in handling the PR crisis efficiently without causing much damage to the reputation of your organization.

  1. As the situation may arise unexpectedly, you must have a well-prepared response team in advance. This is important as when a crisis occurs, your team can handle the situation without panicking. When such a situation occurs, the first thing any organization must do is never do much detail in responding to it. If such a thing happens, the competitors and media professionals get the opportunity to make their story which can cause more damage to the reputation. Therefore, when you have a response team in place, the spokesperson from that team becomes the front face of the business and answers all the queries to handle the situation efficiently.
  2. For proper crisis communication, protocol needs to be followed. Every member of the team much understand their responsibilities completely and must be trained enough to respond appropriately in front of media professionals. This means that all the employees of the organization must be aware of the current situation and must provide appropriate training to react in such a situation.
  3. You must assign a team that has enough contacts to gather all the information related to the organization. You must have all the relevant information about where was the loophole and what went wrong that affected the reputation of the organization. Once you have all the facts and figures in front of you, the PR professionals can help in crafting an appropriate message for the general public and stakeholders. Only the truth and appropriate information can help in saving the reputation of the organization as people will be eager to hear something from the officials of the organization.
  4. Prepare a list of the affected parties and try to prepare a pitch that addresses them. There may be many people including employees, stakeholders, potential customers, media, and other business partners who get affected by the situation of the company and the PR professionals must make them aware of the current situation and how they are going to handle it.
  5. Review the situation, find out the actual reason for such situation and try to learn from it. This is done once the crisis is over. Appreciate the effort of the team who have handled the situation efficiently and trained other people as well about it. Organize a meeting and discuss with other team members the changes you have to do in the organization so that no such situation occurs again.