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CTmatador Review – How it is More Customer-Centric than Most of the Online Trading Platforms

In the online trading industry, you must have heard about firms offering several online trading assets and other kinds of services. However, you would find one major similarity among majority of the online trading platforms, which is that they are mainly investment-centric. This means that such firms would rather prefers funds and your investments than prefer your profile grooming or trading journey. With the passage of time, people want a platform that is customer-centric, which is where my CTmatador review will come in handy. In my review, I will show you how CTmatador is much better than many trading platforms.

CTmatador’s Orientation

While majority of the online trading platforms focus on getting money out of you in the form of services and benefits, CTmatador aims to give more to you. The firm aims to provide you with more than just the ability to perform trades. It offers you trading tools and educational content, just so you are able to learn about trades, markets, and assets while you are performing trades. The goal CTmatador aims to achieve at the end of the day is to empower you and train you enough so every decision you make is well-thought and well-calculated.

KYC and AML Regulations

CTmatador is always aiming to provide you with a safe, peaceful, and the most productive environment. This kind of environment cannot be achieved or maintained when there are too many risks involved. This is the reason why CTmatador keeps the risks to a minimal with complete adherence to the KYC and AML regulations. This ensures that you not only get to have a peaceful and a risk-free trading environment, but also an environment that has regulatory protection.

Provision of Trading Assets

To ensure you benefit from the online trades as much as possible, CTmatador offers you as many trading assets as possible. This is the reason why you would have access to all major assets that include cryptocurrencies, indices, stocks, forex, and bonds. You can go ahead and choose any trading asset you like and you wouldn’t have to worry about the trades. This is because the expert traders and analysts for any trading asset would have your back while you perform trades, ensuring they are profitable.

Demo and Live Trading Accounts

CTmatador won’t be beating around the bush when providing you services and benefits. While most of the online trading service providers resort to creating and offering several trading accounts, CTmatador offers just two. These accounts are self-explanatory as they target a particular traders’ group; new trader account & experienced trader account. However, even before you get ready to perform live trades through either of the accounts, why not perform demo-trades. Yes, CTmatador lets you perform mock trades through its demo-trading account. You can use the account to gain experience, knowledge, and exposure to trading markets before making an actual move.

Some of the general services CTmatador’s trading accounts offer include educational content, market news, market analysis, 24-hour trading support, and competitive pricing. Furthermore, you have a personal relationship manager looking after your trading needs and profile to highlight any lacks in your trades and fix them right away.

Customer Support via Email or Callback Request

Being a customer-centric platform, CTmatador is fully aware of how important it is to maintain the reputation. This is the reason why the firm is always aiming to provide you with one of the best support lines. Therefore, it has put together a team of highly professional, capable, and experienced representatives. These representatives are available for you 24/7 and you can reach out to them via email. Otherwise, you can submit a callback request through CTmatador’s website and someone would get to you at the earliest.

CTmatador’s Educational and Trading Tool Provision

CTmatador is always on the lookout for increasing your knowledge and understanding of online trades and how you can benefit from them as much as possible. This is the reason why CTmatador provides you with educational and trading tools to smoothen your trades and make them very informative for you. In the educational content, CTmatador offers you with content such as trading charts, market news, historical prices, market capitalizations, videos, FAQ, ebooks, and risk management. As for trading tools, it offers you with traders’ glossary, trading calendar, and trading calculator.

Ending Thoughts

In today’s time, even some of the largest names in the online trading industry are aiming to get money out of you than help improve your trading capabilities. Therefore, you need to make the right choice and decide whether you would like to just trade or learn, understand, and then trade.

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