Decal Application Fluid Recipe

When it comes to applying vinyl graphics, application fluid is the key to getting precise placement. It also gives installers some wiggle room and fudge factor. Most commonly used for vehicle vinyl graphics, decal application fluid is also used to apply large banners and storefront window graphics. It is also useful for simple signs yourjobnews.

While dish washing detergent has been used for many years as an application fluid, it’s not recommended for vinyl graphics. Dish detergent contains chemicals that can damage the adhesive on vinyl graphics, which can cause the graphics to fail. For best results, use a sign industry-formulated product such as SureGlide careerpioneer.

A decal application fluid recipe is a mixture of Dawn soap and water that allows you to move and position your vinyl graphics easily. A good mix is 30 oz water, and should create a light mist. This decal application fluid recipe is ideal for larger graphics. It will also work on rounded surfaces getcareergoal.

Before spraying the decal film, you should prepare the substrate for the application jobexpressnews. Then, use your fingers to spread the fluid on the substrate. Make sure to spray it evenly, without creating any puddles. Make sure the fluid is tacky enough to allow for repositioning makeidealcareer.