Did you find it? The Google “Image Search” interface has been quietly revised, and the new features can be understood in two pictures!

The Google search function has recently been optimized for the web version of the “image search” display interface. The new version of the image search interface brings users a brand-new experience that is easier to browse.

When searching for images, whether by entering keywords or uploading photos using “search by images“, on the display page of the search results, click on a specific image, the image will be automatically Displayed on the dedicated fixed sidebar on the right side of the page, and separated by a black background. At the same time, the relevant content of the search image results originally displayed will still continue in the left block of the page. Search for content through the images on the left and right, you can quickly compare, so as to improve the convenience and efficiency when searching for product images.

Related content of image search results. After clicking on a specific image, the search result list will be displayed in the right sidebar block, separated by a black background; and the original related content will be retained in the left block for the convenience of users Make comparisons. (The picture is taken from the Google image search page) The Google image search function provides the functions of inputting keywords and uploading images to search for images. (The picture is taken from the Google image search page)

In addition, in the search result list of the related content of the image, click on a specific image. If the source of the image is from a shopping website platform, the interface displayed on the right sidebar will further display the product’s brand name, Information such as selling price, product-related introduction, etc.

If the selected source of the specific picture is a shopping platform, the sidebar on the right will also provide a brief introduction of the product’s price, brand, etc. (The picture is taken from the Google image search page)