Difference Between Private Tutor and Tuition Center – Best One To Choose


Those days were gone when only weak students go to tuition center or hire a private tutor. Now due to rapidly increasing competition in education, it is compulsory to enroll your kids in tuition center or hire a private tutor for them in order for better progress. The pressure of competition and studies make parents with no choice in this matter. But the question that arises here is whether parents go with a private tutor or a tuition center in Singapore.

With the increase demand of science studies, most students have to study chemistry at their early stage and at college level. We all know it is not an easy subject as it involves chemical reactions, formulas and compositions. Due to these reasons a chemistry tutor is must who can clear the concepts of students.

But before you choose any one you have to look at the possible reasons why you kids want more attention on studies. One of the reasons is your kids find it hard to cope with the school syllabus or don’t know how to cover the topics by himself at home without proper guidance. Another possible reason is you don’t have much time to give to your kids for studies and they need a tutor or tuition center. No matter what is the reason you have to enroll them quickly in tuition center or hire a tutor in order to not waste their more time.

In Singapore, we have seen different services that tuition center offers and they are listed below.

Tuition Center: 

It is an educational place that is almost similar to school but differ in class size. It contains only 10-15 students instead of 30+ students. They help your kids academically from pre-school to junior level.

Private Tutor:

A private teacher is an individual who come to your home to teach your son or daughter or both. It is the best way of one-to-one communication as there is no distraction of other students in your home and your kids can get full attention of the teacher.

Study Coach:

They are those persons who teach your kids how to study and not the content of the subjects. This service is not so common now.

Enrichment Classes:

Enrichment classes are non-academic classes that deal with non-academic skills like dancing, cooking, drama, art, music, speech, robotics and more.

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Tuition Center & Private Tutor Pros

Private Tutor Pros

  • It is one-to-one communication session at home that helps your kids to learn things more and faster.
  • There is no distraction of other students that means your kids will have full focus on the studies.
  • They come on the schedule you decide for your kids.

Tuition Center Pros

  • Only highly qualified teachers are hired in tuition centers.
  • Planned and structured approach of tuition centers help students to learn things faster.

Tuition Center & Private Tutor Cons

Private Tutor Cons

  • They charge more than tuition center as they come to your home only to teach your kids not others.
  • Lack of expertise in different fields which means you have to hire more tutors for different subjects.
  • No proper study environment at home.

Tuition Center Cons

  • Stress level increase of students as they give home work that means your kids have to study at home also.
  • Less attention of teacher than a private tutor.If you are looking for download the latest movie for free then you can visit movierulz. On the other hand, you can also download free movie from worldfree4u.