BusinessDifferent Types of Drive over Truck Scales

Different Types of Drive over Truck Scales

Generally, drive over truck scales are large heavy-duty truck weighing machines that are fixed on concrete flooring and are used for the purpose of weighing heavy-duty vehicles along with their content. The scales are mounted on the foundations so that trucks will drive over these weighing machines and provide the measurement of their weight. The scales are used to aid in calculating the weight of the overall vehicle with and without load. You can weigh the vehicle before it is loaded and after it is loaded. It is important to weigh a vehicle as it is imperative for the people who are running a transportation business.

Today, the market is full of several types of such machines that are used to weigh heavy-duty vehicles. With so many options, one can easily get confused. So if you are also one of those who need to buy a scale for weighing your heavy-duty trucks and vans, then you need to choose the one that most suits your needs. And for this purpose, you must be well-aware of the types of truck scales. Below, we have listed the two most basic types that you need to understand in order to find the best one for you. These two types are:

Full-length scales:

In this type of scale, the driver who is driving the truck has to position the truck onto the weighing platform. Basically, this type of weighing machine has further eight varieties:

  1. Pit
  2. Steel deck
  3. Check rod restraint
  4. Low-profile
  5. Electromechanical
  6. Concrete deck
  7. Bumper bolt restraint
  8. Full electronic

You have to choose the model and type of full-length truck scales according to your needs and facility. You have full freedom to choose the most suitable model, whether you go for corrosive materials or not. Moreover, full-length scales are quite costly and these machines normally require guardrails with sufficient space on the exit ramp. These scales are the most common and widely used scales.

Axle scales:

These types of scales are the most practical options in many applications as these are extremely portable. Its portability allows you to place this machine wherever you need it. You are fully allowed to place it above ground level or in a pit. Additionally, these machines are outfitted with heavy-duty steel material, which makes these scales highly durable. Plus, the noticeable point about these heavy-duty machines is that they can be installed and set up very easily and effortlessly. The downside of these weighing units is that they are a little less accurate and do not provide the exact measurement of weight than the full-length scales.

Additionally, there are two most common ways and methods that are widely used to weigh trucks. These two methods are listed below:


One-axle is one of the most clumsy ways to weigh a vehicle, especially a truck. Basically, in the one-axle method of weighing a truck, a truck drives over a single scale and stays each time with a set of wheels that are on the scale. In this way, this method makes sure to note individual axle weight and once both axle weights are noted, the total weight of the vehicle is calculated.


In this method of weighing a vehicle, several scales are used to weigh the complete truck at the same time. It is unlike the one-axle method in which each axle weight is noted. In this one-stop method, the whole truck weight is calculated at the same time. A number of scales are used in this method and all are connected to a single electronic controller. The controller automatically combines the weight calculation of each axle and provides the total weight value.

So these are a few important types of the drive over truck scales and methods that are commonly used for weighing heavy-duty vehicles with or without load. So if you are willing to buy one, you need to search and ask for recommendations. You can also find it on the internet as there are many sites that are offering such types of scales.

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