Different Types of Sheets for Your Horse You Need To Know

There are much of clothing for horses which are made. Some are made to be used mostly outdoors, in the stable, and others while under supervision. Despite having horse blankets mostly meant for winter seasons, some horse sheets are particularly meant for the summer season. The horse must be cooled down during this period after riding, bathing, or exercising. For this, specific sheets for the horse are meant to cool the horse down.

The horse may be very uncomfortable if heavy blankets were used to cool it down after exercise; hence this would transform into the low performance of horse. When the horse is made to feel comfy and even kept healthy, there is usually an essence of excellent performance in riding and even competition. There are a lot of benefits to the horse that comes with the sheets. The sheets bring a cooling essence to the horse and even help it dry up by absorbing sweat while it helps the horse remain clean. Despite these horse sheets being used in summer periods, there should be waterproof horse sheet to prevent water in case of rain.

Hereby are the different types of sheets for your horse you need to know.

1. Turnout sheets

These are types of horse sheets that are mostly speculated for the summer season. They are usually light in weight, giving ease when washing them. Turnout sheets usually give a cooling sensation since it absorbs sweat and gives a cooling sensation. They are usually waterproof to prevent water from directly reaching the horse’s body. When riding, the turnout sheets may be used with the horse pad to act as a layer.

2. Stable sheets

As the name suggests, these are sheets meant to be used only by the horse in the stable. A horse may be put in the stable under certain circumstances like old age or sickness. Due to this, the horse is fitted with a stable sheet to keep the horse free from dust keep it clean. While in the stable, the fleece horse blanket may also provide warmth to the horse.

3. Sweat sheets

Sweat sheets are the type of sheets that are usually used to absorb sweat from the horse or placed to absorb water from the horse after bathing. As it absorbs water, there is always a cooling sensation that is brought by the cotton meshes in these sheets. They allow the hot air from the horse to escape, bringing a cooling sensation.

4. Cooling sheets

These are the types of sheets that are mostly used to cool the horse. It is done after the exercise or after a bath. The cooling sheets allow the horse to cool without making it feel chill and even bring a feeling of relief in muscles as it is cooling down.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, the health and performance of the horse matter most. The horses have to be cared for in a manner that will increase their performance while riding. It can mostly be done by maintaining it with horse sheets. There are numerous horse sheets to use, and this article has discussed some, like; cooling sheets, sweat sheets, and stable sheets. When these sheets are used, there will be an overall change in the horse performance.