You love weed and all the benefits it has to offer. But you don’t necessarily like smoking weed. Smoking reminds you of nicotine addiction which can lead to devastating results. Lucky for you, one does not need to smoke to get the benefits of marijuana. The world has long recognized the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, and in eastern countries like India, marijuana has also found its way to religion. People belonging to Hindu tradition celebrated weed for its benefits for centuries. Whereas, it is only a few decades ago that America made the substance legal. In most states of America, medical and recreational usage of weed has become legal. Continue reading this article to learn more about different ways one can consume marijuana.

Smoking Weed: One of the most common options to consume marijuana is smoking weed. You have seen rock stars and hip-hop legends on-screen smoking marijuana. For example, T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne have featured smoking weed in their music videos. Even pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga champion smoking weed. The famous personalities have done enough to encourage people to protest against existing laws to make weed legal in America.

Vaping: People who dislike smoking weed can vape as an alternative to smoking. Vaping is a healthy option, and many people prefer it over weed pre-rolls. One may check out Hemp Doctor’s Delta 8 THC vape if he wants to learn more about vaping options. One can even make vape coils at home and continue vaping.

CBD Oil: Marijuana has healing properties such as CBD and THC. These substances provide one with a calming sensation. CBD oil is an excellent option for people who dislike smoking or vaping. You can massage your body with cannabis-infused oil and enjoy the calming sensation. The therapeutic oil penetrates the layers of skin and soothes the nerves.

Tea: Various herbal products let you enjoy the benefits of weed. For example, one may purchase cannabis-infused tea and drink the same to experience calmness. The tea helps reduce stress and anxiety in people. Those who suffer from hypertension and work-related stress may try the tea. Some people even try cannabis edibles such as marijuana-infused brownies and cookies with tea. If you decide to serve the beverage of edibles to a guest, be sure to let them know about the content.

Cosmetic Products: The younger generation is more likely to use herbal products on their skin and hair instead of using chemical items that are harmful to them in the long run. Therefore, many cosmetic and beauty brands have introduced cannabis-infused beauty products to serve this young demographic. Ever since marijuana has been incorporated into drugs to calm the patients, the substance has also found its way into the cosmetic world. Cannabis gel help reduces acne and other skin problems.

Pills, Capsules, and Tablets: People often take cannabis capsules to reach a high state. People who do not like to smoke or carry pre-rolls can take a capsule instead. One may even carry a pack of CBD gummies that provide one with an instant high. These gummies taste and smell like real gummies so that they can be carried anywhere in a plastic bag.