Different Ways to Win in Slots: Megaways, Fixed Paylines & Ways to Win 


Anyone who loves online slots knows how much luck is involved in them. You might be raking in the winnings at one instance and then get a series of “dead spins” the next minute. But how does one win in online slots more often? Are there ways to guarantee victory?

The best that a player can do in slots online is to make the right choices. This envelops a few tips and paths that you could take. Tips on how to achieve victory in online slots are revealed in this article. 


If you haven’t played a Megaways slot before, you might be missing out. These games upturned the gambling industry and swiftly gained popularity since the first Megaways slot (Bonanza) was released in 2015.

  • Megaways offers you astonishing 117649 ways to win. A game with that many paylines has potential for some serious wins. You can also expect the usual array of bonus features such as free spins and wilds.
  • Jackpots are rare in Megaways games but they are possible. For example, the Atlantis Megaways slot by Reel Play offers 3 fixed jackpots.
  • Megaways slots are fast gaining popularity and are predicted to become the top attraction in slots. 

Fixed Paylines slots 

Choosing the correct game is very important in slots. That is very apparent with fixed-payline slots which tend to differ greatly. What is for sure is that there are enough games to suit every player’s style. 

  • Games with fewer paylines (10, 15 or below) tend to have higher individual wins. Scoring a win might be more difficult in this game because fewer paylines means fewer possible winning combos.
  • Games with more paylines (20 and above) offer a good chance to score regular wins. Some slots have as many as 243 or 1024 paylines!
  • Fixed payline slots can be feature-heavy which is good or bad, depending on the player’s preference. In general, bonus features provide some sizeable wins and mix-up the usual flow of the game.
  • Progressive jackpot slots are usually fixed payline slots. Progressive jackpots are prizes that build as the game is being played. They can grow into 6-figure amounts and are regularly awarded to players. The biggest winning potential in slots lies in progressive jackpots. 

Other Tips 

By following our advice, you will be able to choose the correct game which gets 50% of the job done. Now you can consider a few more things that will help you win: 

  • The secret to playing slots for a long time without incurring major losses is knowing when to stop. Set yourself limits on how big of a win is enough for you to cash in and end the session. The same goes for setting yourself a limit on how much you can lose. Don’t play beyond that point.
  • Adjust your stake to suit your bankroll. Betting around 1% – 2% of your bankroll is a popular strategy as that provides you with an optimal ratio of quantity-value of spins.
  • Remember that slots are completely random and it is a form of entertainment, not a way to invest your money. Getting this right will let you enjoy slots more and you won’t endanger yourself financially.