Dining Table Ideas For Compact Urban Open Space Living


A dining room is a place where we eat food and experience love and warmth with the entire family. Every home experiences the most lovely conversations and sharing while eating at the dining table. It is considered as the heart of the home that brings joy and laughter to the entire family. Such an important place in the house should not be neglected, so make sure that the luxury furniture singapore that gives comfort, elegance and style is chosen.

Sometimes many may not have the luxury of an ample dining space or a separate dining space. Never mind, you can constantly revamp and furnish your dining room using innovative furniture that could be accommodated wisely without making the room look small or cramped. Wakefit provides you with different dining tables and chairs that help you choose and decorate your dining space effectively and efficiently. It is also important to position your furniture so that the dining space feels completely beautiful and functional. Here are a few ideas to choose an effective dining table:

Choose The Size Of The Table That Matches Your Dining Space

Many dining tables, when looked at, might be deceiving and tempting to buy because of their luxurious look and texture. Do not get carried away by the appearance; choose a table that perfectly fits your dining space. You could buy a four-seater dining table, six-seater dining table or eight-seater dining set depending upon the number of members in the family. For a small and nuclear family, it is best to go for a four-seater table. Whereas, if you often have prominent family guests and visitors, you can go for a six-seater or eight-seater dining table.

To choose the correct size, first, measure your dining space with tape. Leave about four feet of walkable space from the walls and another 2 feet for the chairs. The leftover dimension is the available space for your dining table. Pick a table that matches this size. It is always important to leave enough walking space, free movement and clutter-free space. An oversized dining table can make the room look small and stuffy. So choose the right size required carefully.

Analyse And Select The Best Shape Of The Table That Fits Your Room

The shape of the dining table plays an important role in squeezing people in. There are many shapes like rectangular, oval, round and square. Rectangular dining set online is the traditional one, and you can choose it if you want a traditional and authentic look. Square dining tables are usually four-seater dining tables for small spaces or tables used in the garden or open area. The oval and round-shaped tables can squeeze in or accommodate a larger number of people than the rectangular or square ones because they have no free space left in the corners. Also, try choosing a table with thinner legs so that it is easier to accommodate an extra chair if you have many visitors at home. You can also try making the dining table multipurpose by using it as a study table whenever required.

Select The Right Table Materials For Your Style

What other material than wood could give an extravagant look to your dining table? Wood can never go wrong with looks as it never goes out of style. It could be any type of wood like Sheesham, teak etc. Wooden tables with a coating of veneer or wood-look will give a polished finish. You also have the option of using a glass top over your wooden table to make it look elegant. While choosing your dining table chairs, various types could be matched with your dining table. You could go for cushioned or cushion-less chairs depending on your style. Choose a thick fabric for your chairs to last longer. Wooden tables and chairs feel more sturdy and long-lasting than many other materials.

Match It With Your Home Décor

Any furniture when not matched with the home décor would be a disaster. Make sure you don’t miss the little things that could help to match your home decor. It could be the carvings on the dining table and chairs or the matching fabric. You can also match the fabric of the chairs with the curtains or sofa. Select a theme that correlates with all the furniture in the room and fix your table accordingly. If you have light coloured wall paint, then go for a dark coloured table and vice versa. Feel free to mix and match and play with colours. Opt for contrast colour patterns if you want a bold look or similar shades if you want a subtle look. Use your creativity to make the space look lively, warm and full of style.

Do Not Compromise On Comfort And Quality

Quality and comfort matter. The dining table is a piece of furniture that should last a lifetime. Make sure you buy a sturdy and solid dining table that does not creak in a few years. The more solid the table is, the longer it will last. Coming to the comfort factor, ensure that the dining table is spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate all the family members. It should have enough leg space for tall people but within the budget, so check the dining set price before buying one.

Should Be Affordable And Cost-effective

Cost is the most important factor to be considered above all. It is essential to invest the right amount of money for the right type of table. Choosing a small table would cost you less but may not be efficient in usage. At the same time, you cannot buy a big table that is not required for your space. Try balancing the money and the quality of the table. Also, be careful of cheap and inexpensive tables. They could be of very poor quality and would become a nuisance in no time.

Dining tables and chairs are utilised almost every day. Take time in selecting the one you require for your home. First, make sure it uses optimal space and is an eye-catcher to your guests. Then, figure out the style that matches your space and looks appealing.