NewsDo children love detective stories? If yes, then why?

Do children love detective stories? If yes, then why?

Mystery books and detective stories for children have always been major draws and for numerous reasons. They not only offer more fun but also thrilling plots and sub-plots which keep kids hooked till the end! Now children can take part in several online hobby classes at Yellow Class with storytelling as the predominant theme. Storytelling for kids often focuses on thrilling stories which children will love and enjoy! Coming back to mystery and detective stories, here are some of the key reasons why children (and adults) seem to love them so much.

  • Detective Stories offer more details which children enjoy, since it satiates their perennial curiosity about things. Children love paying attention to and learning more about these little details. Kids love getting into information about clues, discoveries and so on. This is one of the biggest reasons behind their ever-present love for detective stories.
  • Detective Stories are all about the phenomenon we commonly know as cause and effect. Chancing upon motives of any suspect is a major component of truly appreciating and loving any detective story. Trying to work out who did it, who is the culprit, why he/she did it, are key aspects that children absolutely love. It makes children ask these questions and try to find the answers to the same. Understanding this cause and effect rule at an early age will also help children tackle bigger and long-winding mysteries and novels in the future. Read more about 7starhd
  • Detective Stories can be re-read time and again. Nothing enhances reading skills of kids such as detective stories. Since they have a natural attraction amongst kids, they keep practicing their reading unconsciously in turn while also boosting and empowering their vocabulary greatly as a result. Regular practice is the key towards improving storytelling and reading skills and kids get plenty of the same through these stories. Children also find more joy in re-reading these stories since they can keep periodically returning to the same and find clues or things that they may have missed earlier. A story is sometimes even more fulfilling when children know already how it ends. It somehow feels like being part of a secret somehow! This is one of the biggest reasons for the continuing popularity of detective stories amongst children.
  • Children love to imagine themselves in the shoes of detectives, both male and female. Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple have been inspirations for more kids than you can count. In fact, Enid Blyton has created wonderful worlds of mysteries and solving the same. Her Famous Five, Secret Seven and Five Find-Outers book series’ have impacted children profoundly. Hence, it can be said that children absolutely love playing detective and also drawing inspiration from these characters. Unconsciously, they also enhance their overall mental alertness and logical thinking/reasoning skills while reading these stories. This gives them a particular stimulation that they keep seeking time and again. Click here movierulzVisit here ytmp3

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