Do I Need A Plumber For A Blocked Drain?

Imagine that your outside drain is blocked and overflowing onto the driveway. This would cause an unpleasant stench inside and out. Who would you call? What is the best way to deal with a clogged drain? Perhaps it was your shower or sink overflowing.

Call an emergency blocked drain plumber near you as soon as your drain becomes blocked. While you might think that this is something you can do on your own, it is a difficult job we wouldn’t recommend. You will never know what lurks beneath the surface.

Unblocking Drains

You can unblock your drains at home. There are many jobs we’ve been called to that have a simple solution or could be solved with our miraculous caustic soda recipe. Using chemical drain unblockers is okay as long as it’s not harmful.

Many chemical drain unblockers promise to be the magic product that you need. They can cut through grease, hair, and other obstructions. But, imagine how it affects your pipes if you are using a chemical like that.

When your home was built, the drainage system was in place. The pipework is often older and hasn’t been properly maintained over the years.

You can damage your pipes if you use chemical drain unblockers with a strength that burns through grease and hair. You could end up with long-term problems if you continue to use these types of products. You can only do one thing once the pipes have become corroded or cracks are beginning to appear – call a drainage specialist near you!

What Should I Do To Unblock My Drains?

You should therefore avoid chemical drain unblockers. The effects strong chemicals can cause to your pipes is something we have explained, especially if your home was built many years ago. Chemical drain cleaners are also harmful to the environment. As they enter the public drinking water system, they can pollute large areas.

But What Do You Do If Your Pipes Are Clogged?

If it is only a small blockage, and you don’t require a drainage specialist to look at it, then we have a simple solution. Have you ever tried to unblock drains using baking soda?

It’s That Simple

Just pour half a cup of baking powder down your drain, and leave it to rest for a few moments. Combine vinegar and boiling water to create a reactive solution. The warm vinegar solution should be poured down the drain. It will bubble up and foam.

If you are dealing with a minor blockage at home, this baking soda tip might help. If you cannot clear your drains with baking soda, it’s worth calling your local drainage company. It could be more severe than what you think.

What Is The Difference Between A Plumber & A Drainage Specialist?

You should contact a drainage expert if your drain is clogged and water isn’t flowing out of your property. There is a difference between a plumber and a drainage expert. A plumber handles water flowing into your property, while drainage specialists handle water and waste going away from your property.

Call your local plumber if you need to have a bathroom installed, or new appliances plugged in. Your local drainage expert should be contacted if your appliances are not working properly or there is standing water and smelly drains.

Although many plumbers know how to handle drains and drainage experts who know how to handle plumbing, it is safer to hire a professional or company that can solve your problem.

How To Contact A Drainage Expert?

When should you call an expert drain cleaner? It’s not a good idea to wait until it’s too late. The more you leave your drains clogged, the worse it will get. It is possible to delay repairs that could lead to more expensive repairs as well as disruptions to your home and business.

It can be complicated to repair your drainage system because it runs deep underground. If the problem is severe, your home or business might be without water while your garden excavations are completed. It is important to unblock your drains and fix them as quickly as possible. The more time you wait to solve the problem, the more difficult it will be.