You think being a truck driver is a hard job. One spends days on the road alone with no one to talk to. The drivers must take the items from one part of the country to another undamaged, safe and fast. It seems like a lot! And frankly speaking, it is. But driving can be fun as well if you love the company of yourself and the long road ahead. Not everyone was born to do a nine-to-five job, so some seek the freedom that lets them explore the outside. America has a shortage of truck drivers. So, if you are looking for a job role that offers you security and added benefits, trucking might be the right job for you. Continue reading to learn more about the duties and responsibilities of a truck driver.

Continue The Supply Chain: One of the responsibilities a truck driver has is to carry the goods from one place to another. By doing so, he helps continue the supply chain. For example, a business owner of a raw food company in Detroit wants to sell his products in New York. So, the company sends its goods to select stores to be displayed and sold. Now, if the trucking facility fails to bring the products on time, the items may endure damage or get completely wasted. Therefore, a huge responsibility is placed on the shoulder of the truck driver. He is the one responsible for maintaining the supply chain.

Plan and Distribute: At times, the products are loaded into the truck from one place and sent to three different locations. Therefore, the truck driver should also be an apt manager handling and distributing the items. He must remember the location and time in order to be efficient.

  • Most truckers do not have to load and unload the products; that is not part of their job responsibilities. But, a truck driver might want to monitor the loading and unloading process so that the items are not harmed or damaged.
  • When you are offered a trucking job, the company owners will inform you about the additional responsibilities and perks of the position. For example, one interested in trucking jobs may check out Duncan and Sons Lines, Inc. to learn more about the job role.

Inspection Of Vehicle: As mentioned before, a trucker is responsible for transporting goods from point A to B. Some products are time-sensitive, which means they have to arrive on time. So, a trucker must plan the timing in order to reach the destination on time. But, one cannot expect a smooth drive with a faulty vehicle. Therefore, the trucker must ensure the truck is in the best condition. He has to check the tire pressure, the brakes, the oil, and more. The truck driver has to make multiple stops near the gas service station, depending on the length of the journey. He must also log his work expenses and keep the receipts to be produced later.

Plan The Best Possible Route: When you want to reach a destination, there are many roads you can take. But, a trucker has to pick and choose a road based on thorough calculation. He must consider the fastest route with less traffic for his journey.