BusinessElijah Norton Veritas Global Protection: The Success Story

Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection: The Success Story

As a leading administrator and vehicle service provider service in the U.S., Veritas Global Protection is a familiar name in the U.S. automotive industry. 

Similarly familiar is the name of Elijah Norton, the founder and president of Veritas Global and the chief architect of its success. 

Presently, the company provides auto service contracts and other vehicle protection products, including GAP protection and other finance & insurance products, to dealerships and agencies in 20 countries across the globe. 

Currently, the company has its most substantial bases in the U.S., Canada, and Chile. However, it is fast extending its operations to other places, including the European Union (chiefly through its partnership with WAGAS). 

A pretty enviable resume for a company, to say the least. However, it will sound no less than miraculous when we mention that all this success has been achieved in little more than a decade, and for the most part, it has been the doing of one man—the visionary entrepreneur Elijah Norton. 

It may not entirely be a rags-to-riches story. Still, Elijah Norton’s business journey as a successful entrepreneur wouldn’t fall far from the definition, considering how he built the present Veritas empire from scratch. 

It all started with an innocuous telemarketing company employing two people. The operations of this direct marketing start-up, beginning its journey in 2011 from a small Overland Park office in Kansas and bearing the name of Red Auto Protection, Inc., consisted of selling vehicle protection plans.

That’s how Elijah Norton entered the space of the vehicle service contract industry. However ingenious as he was, Norton quickly learned the ropes of the industry. 

His sharp acumen helped him recognize that the industry is highly underserved. The claims were typically poorly handled, customer service was anything but satisfactory, and most importantly, the product offerings were extremely limited in nature and scope. 

In short, the industry was stagnant, and the customers were far from getting total value for their bucks. 

This is when, around 2014, Elijah Norton decided to expand his business and enter the market as an administrator himself. His penchant for innovation helped him craft service contracts that were truly helpful to customers, and accordingly, his business as an administrator rapidly gained traction. 

This also allowed him to siphon all his efforts solely into the administrator business that offered customer-friendly auto service contracts in the dealer and agent marketplace. 

Eventually, in 2017, Elijah Norton sold his call center business just as he was breaking new grounds and setting benchmarks for the industry as independent auto service or warranty provider. 

By 2019, the annual revenue of his new company, Veritas Global Protection, had already touched $50 mm per year. 

From there on, there was no looking back for Elijah Norton and Veritas Global Protection. A man eager to innovate and explore newer opportunities to serve his customers and partners better, Norton began concentrating beyond the domestic market to find other areas and countries that Veritas can serve. 

He explains that these expansion efforts were primarily propelled by the need for any company to think global today. 

As part of the global society, no company today can afford to sit back and concentrate on any one domestic market these days, no matter how big. 

Elijah Norton mentions that as Veritas Global Protection continues to expand its operations in different countries, the company also gets to learn and gain new experiences in the process, all of which can help them craft newer and better solutions and serve its customers more efficiently in places where they already have a dominant presence, in the US and Canada, for example. 

Elijah Norton’s primary role as the company’s President and Executive Chairman is to service and cultivate business relationships with its partners. 

When it comes to developing business relationships with current and potential future partners, Elijah always makes sure that he is personally involved in the process. He also makes it a point to make himself always easily accessible to all his various partners. 

In this connection, we must also mention that until recently, Elijah Norton was shepherding Veritas Global’s operations as the CEO of the company. 

Elijah Norton’s Journey: Lessons Learned Along the Way

A picture of a desk with many papers and office supplies, and a person writing business tips down on a piece of paper.

In a recent interview, Elijah Norton spoke about the few essential things that have helped him grow and find success as a business owner. 

He stressed the value of patience and perseverance, the need to keep innovating, making customer satisfaction the absolute priority of any business, and running the business following a set of core values. 

He mentioned that the core values should revolve, first and foremost, around that aspect of customer fulfillment and satisfaction, building an excellent team, and maintaining a productive and healthy environment within the organization. 

Recounting his own experience, Elijah Norton relates that his first years in the business taught him the value of patience and the need to persevere despite the challenges that come your way. 

He revealed that it took him no less than three years to taste any success, and even then, he counted himself lucky since, according to him, some of his mentors told him that he’d need to wait and persevere for at least five years before he could enjoy any success. 

Similarly, choosing an underserved industry as his niche, he could easily see that innovation is the key to success in any business. In the same manner, the other things he prioritizes the most when running a business (and as mentioned above), he has learned as part of his journey as the founder and owner of Veritas Global Protection. 

Elijah Norton mentions that he is still learning as his business grows, and there is still a lot to learn.

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