Email Marketing in 2021: Best Strategies and Worst Mistakes


Email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tactics available for any industry. While some marketers believe that social media has upstaged email marketing, others are taking full advantage of its impressive 4400% ROI.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have moved their operations online. While email marketing used to be an integral part of their strategy in the past, in 2021, experienced marketers are stressing it even further.

Let’s take a look at the best email marketing strategies to consider in 2021 and the worst mistakes to avoid.

Best Strategies:

1. Explore Account-Based Marketing

Personalization is no longer solely a B2C tactic. Many B2B marketers are taking advantage of this strategy to build a close relationship with potential customers. Account-based marketing (ABM) involves focusing on just one potential client and creating personalized marketing tactics to promote conversion.

Email marketing is an integral part of ABM. By designing personalized emails, tailored specifically to appeal to one account, it’s possible to shrink the sales funnel and achieve a conversion as fast as possible.

2. Work on the Subject Line

In 2021, the subject line remains the most important part of your email. For a B2B company, it may be the only way to make a good first impression. That’s why companies are working hard to improve the subject line to make it catchy, informative, and appealing to the target audience.

Here are a few strategies to consider doing when creating a subject line in 2021:

  •         Add urgency
  •         Spike curiosity
  •         Make an offer
  •         Add a personalized note
  •         Tell a story

The goal of a subject line is to catch the attention of a decision-maker, who is likely to be pressed for time. Make sure the subject line doesn’t appear spammy. Otherwise, you could lose your chance to make a connection.

3. Improve Email Segmentation

Segmented B2B email marketing campaigns tend to perform well due to the personalization factor. Marketers that use a segmented email campaign note an impressive 760% rise in revenue.

Here are a few simple tactics to assist with B2B email segmentation in 2021:

  •         Focus on the decision-maker positions. You can segment the email list by position in order to make a narrow offer to each decision-maker.
  •         Check the validity of email addresses. According to the creators of the email validation tool by Byteplant, decision-makers change positions and companies frequently, leaving you with an invalid address on your list.
  •         Create a personalized message for each email segment even if you only have a few people on the list.

Proper segmentation drives better personalization. That helps your email look appealing to the decision-makers, thus achieving your marketing goals.

Worst Mistakes:

1. Not Asking To Opt-In

The addresses on your email list can be valid. However, some of the recipients may not be happy to receive your messages. Once these people get an email from you, they send it to the spam folder immediately. This ruins your sender’s reputation and hinders the rest of your email marketing campaign.

Tip: Before sending marketing emails to decision-makers, ask them to opt-in. Design a highly personalized message that asks for the person’s permission to send them emails. This can go a long way toward forming a fruitful relationship.

Make sure to provide an opt-out button in each email. This can keep you compliant with CAN-SPAM Act and remove uninterested leads from your email list.

2. Writing Long Emails

B2B companies often make the mistake of creating long emails. After all, you have a lot to say to your recipients. The problem is that decision-makers are extremely busy. Their attention span is just as short as the time they have for reading emails.

While your long email may contain interesting and important information, one glance at the long text pushes decision-makers away.

Tip: When creating content for your email, get to the point as quickly as possible. Make sure your email has a skimmable format (bullet points, headers, short paragraphs). You can go into details once you set up a meeting or make a phone call. An email must stay short.

3. Ignoring Timing

Your email may be crafted perfectly, but it will never catch the recipient’s attention. Why? Because it arrives in the inbox at the wrong time. When sending B2B marketing emails, you must pay attention to time zones, workday hours, holidays, etc.

Tip: When studying your target audience, research the time they are the most susceptible to reading emails.

For example, a CEO could be ready to read your email at 7 am on Tuesday but would ignore it at 2 pm on Friday. Take a closer look at your potential client’s schedule to figure out the perfect email sending time.

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The Takeaway

While 2021 has brought us a variety of new B2B email marketing tactics, the basics remain the same. It’s imperative to create a catchy email and send it to the well-chosen segment of your target audience.

Pay special attention to the length and timing of your messages. Otherwise, even the highest quality emails may end up in spam folders. 

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