TechnologyEnhanced health benefits with water treatment technology

Enhanced health benefits with water treatment technology

Impure or contaminated water can lead to several health problems in you. Thus, treatment of such polluted water has been possible through water treatment technology of “Water PurifierandWater Softener“. We have observed several threatened lives due to water-borne diseases which have promoted the usage of water purifiers and water softeners in the localities. Furthermore, these appliances have several benefits depending upon your water treatment needs. At the same time, these appliances play a crucial role in purifying drinking water and supporting sound health. You should buy only reputed brands; click here for the Kenmore review and then decide.

Components of Water Purifier

Water purifiers are best known for removing harmful metals, harmful chemicals, and other pollutants from your drinking water. In today’s world, the need for a water purifier has been urged for better health. Additionally, unsafe drinking water can even harm your child’s growth both physically and mentally. Here is the list of components of a branded water purifier to understand the appliance better:

  • In-let Valve: Generally, the Inlet-Valve is installed on the cold water line. In-let Valve is the source of water in the water purifier system
  • RO Membrane: RO Membrane is the vital component of the water purifier. It controls the water purification process and eliminates substantial health threats from drinking water
  • Pre-Filter: The Pre-Filter in the water purifier acts as a protector for the membrane against the amount of chlorine, salt, and mud in the water. It can either be a carbon filter or a residue extractor
  • Post-Filter: Post-Filter is also known as “Polish Filter”. A post-filter allows the purified water to pass through it and then water reaches the faucet. Hence, the Post-Filter eliminates the bad taste and odor from the water and produces safe, sweet-tasting, and freshwater for you
  • Storage Tank: Here storage tank in the water purifier states the water storage tank. The purified water is stored in this pressurized water storage tank till the user opens the water faucet
  • Drain Line: You will find the drain line connected at the output end of the water purifier membrane. However, the drain line expels the wastewater full of impurities and pollutants
  • Restricting Valve: A restricting valve in a water purifier assists in preventing the backflow of the water treated for impurities from the water storage tank. Consequently, the membrane can get affected due to the reversed water flow by bursting it
  • Water Faucet: A water faucet is a part that acts as a controllable tap. Further, it controls the flow of water and is usually set up on the kitchen sink

Components of Water Softener

By name, it is indicated that the major purpose of a water softener is to transform hard water into soft water. Simultaneously, it provides additional benefits like better hair and skin health, reduced stains of toilets, sinks, and fixtures. Also, it helps in reducing the cost of repair and maintenance for plumbing issues. Water softener also improves the water quality in unusual ways to water purifiers. Below are some quality components of water softener that together turn the hard water into soft and safe drinking water.

  • Resin Tank: Resin Tank is tall in design and is a component where actual softening of water processes. It comprises the bed of resin which is usually enclosed with sodium or potassium ions
  • Brine Tank: The Brine Tank stocks the salt in it. Moreover, it holds the salt up to the limit of 300 pounds or more. The stored salt is used to combine the highly concentrated solution of the saltwater known as brine. Additionally, it is essential for the regeneration process
  • Head Valve: The head valve or control valve is installed on the tip of the resin tank. The Head valve is the brain of varieties of softeners that operates the entire water softening system. The process goes through various cycles and controls the proper rate and direction of water flow
  • Valve Motor: The valve motor supports the rotation of the rotor valve. It operates several operation modes like regeneration and water softening
  • Riser tube: Riser tube is located at the center of the resin tank. It directs the water out of the resin tank towards the head valve. Next, the Riser tube comprises the basket at the bottom which prevents the resin from reaching the plumbing system of a particular locality
  • Grid Plate: Grid plate is usually found inside the Brine Tank. The size of the grid plate adjusts the volume of the water in the tank. Moreover, the plate is set according to the measured amount of saturated salt that contains a stagnant amount of dissolved salt on a per-gallon basis. It is better option for you to know the Waterdrop water filter system.

Hence, these components of the water purifier and water softener indicate how your drinking water is filtered and prepared for good health. These components together help the water purifying and softening appliances work for better, fresh, and odor-free drinking water for consumption.

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