TravelEssential things that should be in your car before a road trip

Essential things that should be in your car before a road trip

Road trips have a charm of their own. Even if you are travelling at above 60mph on a highway life becomes a little slower because now you can spend time observing your surroundings and ponder on nature’s ways. Whether you are on the road with family, a group of friends or by yourself, road trips have the potential to be incredibly fun. But unless you want an experience like Robert Downey Jr’s in the film Due Date there are some things you should plan for. Of course, there will be moments where unexpected things may happen but those, hopefully, make good memories. Some might say having a destination in mind when you plan your road trip is the most important variable but honestly having essential items in your car is the most important thing you can do. Trust us, your future self will thank you. So without further ado let’s jump into the list:

    1. Portable charger
      We use our phones for everything. Even if we are driving, chances are we are using our phone for something, be it for directions or music. Now that smartphones have superb quality cameras built in most people do not need to carry a separate camera. But when you use your smartphone for so many things (yes, including all the time spent scrolling through social media) its battery is bound to die out before you reach wherever you are headed. If you are anything like the majority of people who own smartphones, you are gonna feel a little lost if that happens. And considering that in case of emergencies it’s always best to have a fully charged phone it is a no brainer that you need to carry a portable charger. One that can connect directly in your car is best for long periods of driving without rest stops. 
    2. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner
      Have you ever been to the beach and come back with sand in your car everywhere? Yeah, it is not easy to get rid of. Neither are crumbs from all the roadtrip snacks. But all that mess can make it really unpleasant to travel in the car for hours and overtime it will only increase so cleaning it once you reach your destination may not be the best way to go about it. Especially, if you have little kids coming along for the ride. Investing in a portable car vacuum cleaner would go a long way. This attaches to your car’s cigarette lighter port and comes with a long cord so you can clean anywhere in your car. ThisWorx vacuum cleaner comes with an LED and three replacement nozzles so it won’t let you down no matter when you need it or for whichever nook and cranny.
    3. Playlist/Podcasts/Audiobooks
      Driving in silence sounds like a punishment especially if it is on a long road trip. It does however seem like the best time to catch up on some podcast you have been listening to or any audiobook. If you know someone who is big on making playlists, delegate the auditory entertainment to them. Offline playlists are the way to go for uninterrupted playback and less battery usage. Whether it is old Led Zeppelin jams, the latest top summer songs or whatever obscure niche indie music you enjoy, what better than a long car ride to enjoy them.
  • Car Trunk Organizer

We don’t even need to explain why you should get yourself a car trunk organizer before you leave for your road trip but we are going to anyway. Loose clutter is a nightmare when you need something in a hurry and all you can seem to grab is stuff you really don’t need at that moment. This is especially true if you are reaching for something in a moving car. A car trunk organizer helps by providing adequate pockets for different items and a solid design. No more annoying flimsy sides and sliding bottoms. This organizer can be attached directly to your SUV cargo holders or around the seats. For a solo traveler this means they can have everything they need securely placed in an organizer right in the passenger seat. With this organizer there is no worry about things rolling around on the car floor. Plus, it looks neat (pun intended).

  • Car Trash Can

The last thing on our list is a car trash can. Self explanatory, right? If you are going on a long road trip and do not want to keep stopping to find a trash can or a dumpster to get rid of all the waste this car trash can by ThisWorx will come very handy. Even if you are not the most organized person you would want your trash going directly into a trash bag which can then be easily disposed of. Car trash cans come in different sizes and can have a capacity of up to 3 gallons while remaining as compact as possible. They come with a number of liners with a mesh pocket to store them. What is great is that this can also double as a soft cooler. Since the container is insulated and waterproof it can be used to store travel snacks and 6 pack soda cans. It has hand sewn edges and seams, double reinforced pockets, and an interior lining for greater durability and less ripping. 

With these five essential things you have got your bases covered. It doesn’t matter where you are going as long as it is by car these five things are a must for a relaxed and comfortable road trip. Of course, Temecula road trip on a party bus  you should also keep a spare tire and jack as well as spare car keys since they can really save you from a disastrous, or at the very least a very inconvenient, situation. You have really got to plan if you will be traversing through remote areas. Make the best out of your days off on your road trip and happy travelling! you can easily make changes to your life to help life continue around you. There are also companies like **ewm dumpsters** that work towards waste management for the benefit of the planet, that is, collecting residential waste and sending it to recycling facilities instead of landfill.

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