BusinessEverything You Need To Know About Builderall Affiliate Program

Everything You Need To Know About Builderall Affiliate Program

Builderall is not only an all-in-one digital marketing platform, but it is also an affiliate program. They call it “Builderall Business,” which has a unique two-tier structure of commissions. It helps you to make money through online marketing and selling. 

It isn’t easy to compare Builderall to any other software as it has abundant features, tools, and functionalities. However, most of the content marketers call it a sharp competitor of ClickFunnels. If you want to know more, go through Builderall vs. ClickFunnels comprehensive comparison guide

In this blog, we will tell you all details you must have known about Builderall Affiliate Marketing. 

Here is what you will learn;

  • Builderall Affiliate Marketing
  • Builderall Affiliate Commissions
  • Earning With Builderall Affiliate Program
  • Become A Builderall Affiliate
  • Promoting Builderall
  • Builderall Affiliate Links

1. Builderall Affiliate Marketing 


With over 215,000 active users, Builderall is one of the best marketing platforms in the industry. It belongs to the most successful affiliate programs on the Internet promoted through hundreds and thousands of marketers across the globe. Many of them use the free plan; however, it is still supported by an infrastructure designed to keep over 1 million customers. And that makes Builderall one of the largest in the world of digital marketing.

1.1 Builderall Affiliate Commissions? 

Builderall offers three types of commissions in the affiliate program; 

  • Personal Sales Commissions 

The earning you’ll get from your customer’s initial payments every time you secure a sale in Builderall is referred to as personal sales commission. For the individual sales commissions, members have to wait for 35 days before withdrawing their earnings. 

  • P.S Recurring Commissions 

At some point, you can also receive commission once the customer pays their monthly payment. This type of commission is called P.S recurring commissions.  

  • 2nd Tier Recurring Commissions 

In 2nd Tier Recurring Commissions, you can earn after your second-tier customers pay their monthly fees. Affiliates can get their P.S recurring & second-tier commission five days after the customer’s payment. 

1.2 Earning With Builderall Affiliate Program

As a Builderall affiliate, you’ll get the full money of your customer’s initial payment, irrespective of the plan they’ve chosen. They provide 100% P.S commissions. Moreover, affiliates can receive 30% for the P.S recurring & second-tier commissions. 

While doing affiliate marketing with Builderall, consider that affiliates will earn only by selling Builderall plans to fresh customers, not just bringing new fellows into the ecosystem.

2. Become A Builderall Affiliate 

Before joining the Builderall platform, make sure to choose the plan that has “Builderall Business,” which is an affiliate marketing program. Just click and sign up for the $69 monthly plan of Builderall and enjoy! They also offer a 7-day FREE Builderall trial. As the application provides everything you need, it will be an excellent tool for increasing your sales and growth. Builderall has plenty of tools to create your affiliates & their email lists. There is no need to add any third-party tool with Builderall. 

2.1 Promoting Builderall 

Builderall’s niche-based funnels are one of the excellent things one can use for affiliate marketing. With these, you’re capable of copying and pasting the funnel and building a website in minutes. It offers you hundreds of templates to choose a perfect one for yourself. The platform will pay you $50 as a reward for every 690 points. Thus, winning a nice car will be a real target that you can struggle to gain at a high level. We suggest you find your target audience and focus on them through blogging, videography, webinars, and email marketing. Choosing a specific type is much simpler than working on a broader horizon.  

2.2 Builderall Affiliate Links 

To get the Builderall affiliate links, you’ll need to activate your account by clicking on the Builderall Business, which can be easily found on the left-hand side of the dashboard, and then click Affiliate Funnels. After that, you will get a list of different niche and trial offers for Builderall. 

3. Bottom Line 

Now you probably have found out that the Builderall affiliate program is one of the most trustworthy, well-built, and wealthy business opportunities you’ll ever get. Hundreds of marketers around the globe are already selling Builderall. You can also make money and build a successful affiliate marketing business with little effort.

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