TechnologyEverything you Should Know About Maize Sheller

Everything you Should Know About Maize Sheller

Maize shellers are equipment that is used to make work easier by separating maize grains from their cobs. This is because of the recent technology that is evolving hence human beings don’t separate the grains manually with their hands instead, they use these machines. This type of maize shellers can be operated manually or by use of power.

In the recent world, we are, there has been the development of technology which makes work easier than before. An example of the invention that has been introduced in agriculture is the maize sheller which is used to separate maize from their cobs. That is why in this article, I will elaborate more on everything you ought to know about the machine. That is what to consider before you purchase one, how it operates, what to consider when operating it and how it is cleaned.

What to consider before you purchase maize sheller.

When you have the right machinery for your farm, then you make your work on the farm very simple and easier to operate. Hence, in case you what to purchase a maize seller for your farm, then there are several factors you need to consider before you purchase one. This means that you should consider buying the most useful, cost-effective and affordable maize seller to meet your needs. Also, look for the favourable maize sheller price in Kenya before you make your capital purchase.

How it operates.

Separating maize from the cob can either be done with power or manually. What first comes and is done manually mostly is foliage removal and also de-husking is very vital during shellers application. Sheller’s end direction In intake position is whereby the cobs move. The machines separate the grains separately from the cob hence making work easier.

What to consider when operating?

When you are operating the machine, you should pay attention more to the feeding rate. The more you feed faster may lead to overloading hence causing a breakdown of some machine parts and may affect the running of the device. Therefore, when you are operating the maize sheller, you should concentrate on what you are doing. Make sure you handle the machine very carefully and operate it how it is supposed to be done.

How it is cleaned.

First, you should make sure the V- belt is not exposed to any alkali or acid substance. When cleaning, all parts of the machine should first be opened to clean inside the debris. This can be achieved by only opening the bolts of the device. Also, you should clean the machine’s wheels to remove any mud or dirt.


In maize shelling machine, there are so many advantages that are associated with it hence has made most prefer it in their farm activities. This is because of its effectiveness, operation cost and also working efficiency. The appliance is very useful since it makes work easier and also faster mostly on maize large scale hence you should consider having one in case you are a maize farmer.

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