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Ultimate General Gettysburg Tips

A balance between reality and fiction is the guide to making the most of this game. 

Maintain High Morale

When the units have relatively low morale, they are slow and battle inefficient. By all means, the morale of the unit should be preserved.

  • Place your general close to your units: Observe the circumference of your General to conceal the distance you defend or attack. Charges far from your General’s area should not be affected if your units are not elite and have 50%+ morale. 
  • Pick the General to control his significant units and ensure they are not isolated.
  • Do not send just one unit to carry out the tactical exercise. 
  • Ensure not to wear out a low rank injured unit.
  • Never expose your flanks

Maintain High Condition 

The unit’s condition level is directly proportional to its morale and efficiency. 

  • In times where you have to run, analyze the cost to gain. That is, preserve your strength and run when there’s a strategy to achieve, or it’s really important. Does the gain of running count more than the costs? Again, thinking critically before making moves helps accuracy. 
  • The maximum state of the condition gives quick recovery. When the condition is less than 60 percent, the unit becomes exhausted faster than normal. Hence, it is advisable to make double quick when your unit’s condition is about 90 percent. 
  • The units should be proximal to Generals because it is proven that these generals improve the condition of the unit. 
  • 0% unit condition should not be used excessively. A worn out unit should not be sent on more errands and given commands. In real life, a true general will not order an impoverished unit to battle; this has consequences. Rather, allow them to rest, and they will slowly regain their conditions and morale. 
  • Use your unit reserves. Several units should be kept for the purpose of the end. Then, when the majority are in a low condition, they will push through and cover up. 

Use Common Sense in Tactics

Giving commands to your units like robots is not proper. Instead, there are tactics and approach to be used as in a real life occurrence in this game:

  • Your army should not be treated like zombies. Logical reasoning gives better results when faced in battle. Role playing is considered the best to have an edge in this game. This makes you think better as a General caring for your unit and not being overbearing in stretching them beyond their abilities.
  • Charge, but don’t overcharge. There are conditions to be adhered to for effective results 

Applying for ESTA

Travelling to America is easier when you are eligible to applying for esta for america. That is, you must be from a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) country.

Your esta usa status is confirmed only after 72 hours of application. If accepted, you don’t have to worry for the rest of your vacation but wait 10 days to reapply when rejected.

Gettysburg Wineries 

Most of these wineries have a rich and great taste of wine, great staff, delicious ciders, and provide relaxing entertainment on the front porch.

  • Adams County Winery
  • Boyer’s seller
  • High Rock Winery
  • Halbrendt Winery
  • Reid’s Orchard Winery
  • Knob Hall Winery
  • Hauser Estate Winery 
  • Buddy Boy Winery and Vineyard 
  • J&P Winery

A top and popular wine brand are the “Tears of Gettysburg”. It is involved in the history of the Gettysburg collection comprising the Serval, Vidal, and Niagara; this excellent product has been a hallmark since 1988. With your approved Esta, a bottle of “Tears” and pictures will tell the story. 

Breakfast Places in Gettysburg  

It’s quite easy getting a place to grab breakfast in Gettysburg due to the numerous places around. The only problem will be your choice of place.

Gettysburg Baking Company has tasty and superb pastries, vegetarian friendly vegan options, American cuisines, and a need for cafes.

-Gettysburg Family Restaurant; awesome breakfast well prepared in a small family atmosphere, friendly staff

-Ragged Edge Coffee House

-1863 Restaurant 


-Lincoln Diner’s

-The Ugly Mug Cafe

-Garden Grille and Bar

How Far is Gettysburg from Philadelphia?

  • With a Car: A Nonstop drive takes 141 miles or 227 km with a driving time of 2 hours, 19 minutes.
  • By Flight: The distance is 110 miles or 177 km, and time has taken 43 minutes. However, using a commercial vehicle requires about thirty minutes more of your time due to procedures. Hence, the commercial flight time is 4 hours. 
  • Road trips: The travel time allocated for this trip is about 4 hours on the road after carefully planning the journey beforehand.

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