Factors Considered When Buying a Solar Battery

Due to high rates of electricity bills and constant power blackouts in various parts of the country, many clients are resorting to using a solar installation system. The solar installation system is such a massive investment but pays back in time. Among the sensible outlays of a solar system is the battery, which plays a significant role when it comes to storing energy. More details are in this article.

A solar battery is equipment that stores solar energy from PV systems. The panels of the system absorb the energy from the sun, convert it into electricity which is later passed through the inverter for home use. Below are some of the factors you should consider when purchasing a better solar battery.

The type of the battery

When looking for a better solar battery for your home, you need to be informed that there are many types of batteries on the market, with each having both its advantages and disadvantages. So it’s upon the client to consider rightly which is the best option for his home or use. Below are some of these types of solar batteries;

Lead battery: This has been on the market for quite a long and this gives us a chance to know more of its strengths and weaknesses. This type of battery is widely available on the market and is cheap. Although lead batteries are widely available but share the same downfall, they are intolerant to deep cycles and fast discharge.

Lithium batteries: These have a high upfront cost and have recently emerged in the market as the best competitor to traditional lead batteries. It is best for those who want to invest more in solar systems to avoid their dependency on the grid. They are maintenance-free, robust, replant, and fast.

 Power output

This implies the rate of current the battery can provide in kW. In other words, a higher value implies that more electricity can be produced in a given period. There are two parts of output; continuous and peak/maximum. The continuous is the rate of electricity the battery can provide while the peak is the rate of electricity the battery can reach in a given period.

Storage efficiency

Like the many other things in life, battery storage is not also perfect. You will not get the same amount of electricity out compared to what you put in.

Price of the battery.

Just like other products, the price decides a lot. The solar battery Prices in Kenya require negotiations from both parties involved to come to one point of agreement. Though some dealers tend to raise prices beyond normal, it’s therefore important for the buyers to know best what they want before paying for it.

Warrantied energy and life span

It is quite important to know how long your battery will stay. The duration of a battery’s working life can be measured in charge cycles. Batteries will require to be replaced after being charged and discharges for a certain period.


Having explored the key considerations before buying a solar battery, it is now left for the buyer to choose wisely the best product on market.