Factors that determine Gabion Boxes Prices in Kenya


The gabion is a wired cage made out of sand  or rocks which can be useful in making gabion walls that are convenient and provide a firm foundation. Therefore, if you are looking into acquiring more information based on gabion boxes, it will be worthwhile if you took a moment to go through this article. These are factors that determine the gabion boxes’ prices;

A gabion box is a galvanized wire fabricated or twisted in various shapes and filled with soil, sand, concrete or rocks. For example, you can use gabion boxes for landscaping, military training, road construction or civil engineering work. Various factors determine the prices of gabion boxes in Kenya.

The Type of Gabion Box

There are different types of gabion boxes in different places. We have the common gabion walls and gabion wire mesh that are less expensive. Gabion baskets are used in civil engineering work and are costly. Military officers use gabion sacks in their training which they make themselves.

The type of Customer

Gabion boxes are sold differently to different customers depending on the quantity they buy. Large construction companies, massive engineers and distributors buy at low prices because of the economics of scale. The wholesalers have a reduced price and the retailers. Consumers buy at a relatively high price.

The gabion box design.

The designs can determine gabion boxes price in Kenya. They are the rectangular gabion boxes used in road construction and prevention of erosion work. Different shapes can be used for landscaping, depending on your taste and style. The prices vary as the complex of a kind. Cylindrical gabion boxes are less costly but are less used.

The uses of Gabion boxes.

The prices of gabion boxes depend on their uses. Gabion boxes for military training are the cheapest as they make them. The civil engineering and the road construction gabion boxes are expensive as they should be of high quality and last longer. The landscaping gabion boxes vary in price according to the quality and designs of the user.

The quality of the gabion boxes

There are high-quality gabion boxes that are triple twisted and expensive. Coated gabion boxes’ prices are high as the coating material helps them not to rust and last longer, making them costly. The prices of double-twisted are higher compared to the single wired gabion boxes. The non coated gabion boxes are cheap though their quality is compromised, and they are not recommended for road construction work or civil engineering.

The producing company

Many companies in Kenya make gabion boxes. They make gabion boxes of different designs and quality. The prices they set vary from one company to the other. When buying gabion boxes, the price you pay can be determined by the company that manufactures those gabion boxes. The company has the sole power to price its products as it sees fit according to the laws of demand and supply.


The gabion mesh price in Kenya depends on the type of gabion box, the design, the use and the kind of buyer. The quality of the gabion box will also determine the price.  The single wired, double or triple twisted gabion boxes have different prices.  The period you wish your work to last determines if you buy the coated or non coated. The companies that sell gabion boxes also have a variance in their prices.