TechnologyFactors to Consider Before Acquiring a Pipe Threader Machine

Factors to Consider Before Acquiring a Pipe Threader Machine

Threading machines are designed to cut threads on conduits and pipes. These machines are designed for threading drill pipes, oil pipes and petroleum casing.

Below are some features that make it possible for these threading machines to execute their allocated tasks smoothly. Keep reading this article to know more about this machine.

If you have maintenance or reliability problems in running pipe production, pipe threading is the best machine to use. They are new types of devices, especially manufactured and designed for thread processing, which is required for metallurgical, chemical, and petroleum pipes.

These machines can accurately process external and internal threads of various kinds. They come in different designs, but they all serve the same purpose.


Heavy-duty machines with a 2-inch capacity are most suitable if your production is of large volumes. It is worth it to have a free-stand powered threading machine with a high wattage rating which will help you execute your task smoothly without breaking down.

You also might opt to invest in a multipurpose threading machine in situations where you must cut pipes into different sizes often.


Though the price is another factor to consider, acquiring a machine that consistently produces reliable results without costing you a fortune is essential.

Durability and Warranty

A pipe threading machine is a cumbersome tool mounted to a rigid mounting or a stand, requiring the threaded pipe to be brought on it. Though this feature enables these machines to stay for an extended period of time, up to 30 years, it is equally essential to check the warranty of the device you want to avoid losses in case of breakdown.

Thread cutting oil

Threading oil is essential in the production of high-quality pipe threads. The best option for this is those oils specifically designed for pipe threading, not motor oils meant for lubricating engine moving parts. The role played by these oil types is just cooling the surface of the cutting machine, thread lubrication and chip removal.

Attachment of Other Machines

Roll groovers and gear threaders are two useful attachments you will find. These two are compatible with these threading machines as they act as a power source. Geared threaders offer efficiency in producing threads of up to 3-inch radius pipes. Therefore, it is essential to purchase a machine configured to such.

Hand Held Power

An automatic handheld gadget will serve you best for low volumes applications since it is faster and costs less for repair, unlike manual ones. These handheld machines use the same drop-type heads as the retching manual threaders, the only difference being the power required to turn the die around the pipe.


You need to consider unlimited factors before selecting a threader that suits you best. The upfront time spent reading this article will ensure you make the best investment that will bring dividends moving forward since you will have a piece of threading equipment that is cost-effective and will last for an extended period of time.

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