Features Determining the Price of a Mincer Machine


While going for a mincer machine in a market, you will realize that mincer machines though they may look similar, theytend to vary in terms of price. Therefore, this article deeply explainson why there isa price difference.

If you are looking forward to acquiring a mincer machine, this article will be of great importance in guiding you on which machine to go for and what price to expect.

The meat mincer is a highly designed appliance in a way that it can simply be used to chop meat into fine pieces, as well as in mixing meat in either a cooked state or in a raw state. It may be for personal use in the kitchen, or at the same time, it may be placed in ameat butchery to serve the public.

These machines are found countrywide in the market and their prices vary depending on the following features;

Materials used to make the mincer

The material used to come up with a mincer machine highly determines the price of the machine. Machines made up of pure metal tend to be more expensive considering the price to acquire metal and the labor force required to manufacture the metal into a mincer machine.

On the other hand, mincer machines made up of a combinationof plastic and metals tend to be a little bit less expensive considering that the price of plastics is a little bit lower and less labor force is required to come up with a machine.

Most consumers prefer a meat mincer machine made up of a combination of metal and plastic, due to its fair price. Another preference is due to the plastic material being trustworthy when it comes to matters such as poisoning. On the other side,the metallic material is made of stainless blades.

Electric power

The ability to use electricity, highly determines the price of a mincer machine as manual mincers do not require electricity to work instead they are used manually. They tend to be accessible at a lower price.

On the other hand, mincers that require electricity to perform a task tend to be a little more expensive due to their ability to performtasks at a faster rate, and in a convenient way. However, there are electric mincers that consume more electricity than others, which also leads to the difference in price.

Consumers who handlelarge chunks of meat prefer to use the electric mincer due to its ability to work faster compared to the manual mincer. On the other hand, consumers dealing with a small portion of tend to go for manual mincers due to their low price.

Ease to operate

Machines that are easy to operate tend to be a bit more expensive,and are designed to be more automatic to perform a lot of tasks on their own. These machines are mostly electrical thus they do not come at a cheap price.

On the other hand,machines that are hard to operate – manual mincers tend to go for lower prices.

Speed of operations

The rate at which a machine performs a task,highly affects the price of the machine. Machines that perform tasks faster – electric mincer tends to be sold at a higher price.

On the other hand, slowertaskperformingmachines- the manual mincers tend to go for lower prices.


From the above features,we conclude that mincer machines have differentprice ranges, despite the features they pose. I hope you are now highly knowledgeable and all-advised on which machine to go for and what price to expect. For more, check about butchery equipments in kenya.