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Features of an Attractive Window Sticker

A window sticker or window display is the first impression that anyone will catch about a retail store or a brand’s shop. But it does not mean that it is only used by retail stores. Window stickers are often used for interior decoration in a restaurant or club. People even use them in their houses for the sake of decoration. Because window stickers not only cover your window from the outsiders but also provide the necessary attraction and beauty to your window.

In this article, we will discuss the use of window stickers and window displays in retail stores and brand shops. For retail store window display not only serves as an information source to the passers-by but it goes one step forward by serving as a source of creation of the first impression in the customer’s mind. The passers-by make an impression about the store and how much variety this store can provide us. Moving one step forward window stickers also inform the customers about any sale or discount on the products. According to an article published back in 2003 called the “Visual Merchandising Impact on Impulsive Buying Behavior”, window stickers serve as a key factor in driving a potential customer inside the store. In this way, we can say that window displays are far more important than we think. A customer will enter a shop or he/she will pass by entirely depend on its window display or window sticker. For small-scale retailers, it seems tough to design an effective window sticker. For the convenience of such retailers our online window stickers shop is suggested here. Visit the site to get your design in an affordable range.

Considering Target Audience

One of the most important features of an attractive window sticker is that it is designed after keeping in view the target audience. A fun fact is that the target audience may also change according to the season’s requirements. So it is most important to keep in mind the target audience of every season. And it is most important to change these window displays regularly but not so frequently. Once a retailer knows about his/her target audience whether they are young or children, poor or rich, men or women he/she can easily capture them by displaying window stickers according to their needs and taste. The need of the season should also be kept in view.

Simple Design

The main purpose of a window sticker is to capture the customers. To capture them we should convey our message in a unique but simple way. According to the experts, a simple design can easily and quickly convince a customer to enter the shop than a complex design. Because a complex design will keep the customer interacted with it for a long time and it will not attract him/her since he/she cannot understand the design. According to the experts, a window sticker should draw the attention of the customer within 3 seconds.  If you think that there are too many things on the sticker that simplicity is fading away you can use a clear window vinyl at some point.

Considering Location

You should thoroughly consider and study the location of your store. Your strategy about window stickers will be different if your store is in a crowded place than if it is located in an area less crowded. Moreover, things like traffic should also be considered. You should consider whether your store is accessible by the customers on foot. Because if your store is in a less crowded place and it is accessible by the customers on foot then you can display smaller products with great details on your window sticker. On the other hand, if it is located in a crowded place you should display general products rather than going deep into the details.

Other Things to Consider

While using a window sticker there are some other things to be considered. These things include symmetry, colors, size of the objects on the sticker, and focal point. If these things are considered collectively it will make an attractive window sticker.

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