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India is one of the biggest movie-making countries and one of the countries facing big piracy problems. The content, movie clips, or even movies are pirated and uploaded on different illegal websites. Filmygod is one of the illegal websites that upload pirated content continually. The Indian government is creating a punishment law to prevent piracy, but unfortunately, some websites continue to pirate smoothly. They don’t even care about the government law. As a result, the moviemakers and the affiliate persons of the movie are facing financial problems. They don’t get the proper response to the expectations from the film.

About Filmygod:

Filmygod is successfully known as one of the most notorious websites that operates piracy content in India. People worldwide who are Hindi movie lovers get access to this site to enjoy Hindi films, unfortunately. Filmygod generally uploads content that has no proper copyrights.

Does filmygod faced any criminal charges?

No. so far, filmygod doesn’t even face any criminal charges though it’s an illegal operating site. You should not knowingly enter an unlawful site and enjoy or download movies from it. The government of India has banned the site. If you watch a film on this illegal website in India, you may have to face punishment. As a movie lover, you should not fall in agreed to access with this illegal site like filmygod. Watching and downloading movies from this site may cause different problems for you. So, it’s wise to avoid filmygod.


Though downloading or watching movies on filmygod is illegal in India, a vast fan base select filmygod to watch films. Filmygod also increases its facilities to attract customers. They have collected the latest movies and old movies as well. You will find different web series, 18+ movies; south Indian dubbed films, and various other categories on filmygod.