Food in Kolkata:  6 Food Items You Should Definitely Eat When In Kolkata

Kolkata, a vibrant city regarded as the artistic and cultural capital of India, is a haven for food lovers. Bengali cuisine is most likely to remind many of fish and milk-based sweets, but there is more to food in Kolkata than just fish and sweets. Hearty meat dishes, tasty seafood, simple veg curries, tempting street food, and a range of lip-smacking desserts; traditional Bengali cuisine featuring plenty of delicious treats is a grand feast for food lovers. The culinary delicacies of the ‘City of Joy’ make sure to impress even the refined palates, giving them the joy of relishing good food. 

So, travelers planning a Kolkata trip must make sure to taste the below 6 famous Kolkata food items when in the city. All set for your trip and looking for cheap flights to Kolkata from New York? Go check out Indian Eagle, a trustworthy online travel booking agency offering matchless deals on flights to India.

Macher Jhol:

Bengali’s love for fish is well-known all over the country, and so we find it appropriate to begin our list of the must-eat food in Kolkata with a traditional fish dish called Macher Jhol. Veggies like potatoes and tomatoes go into the making of the fish curry that is usually seasoned with garlic, turmeric, onions, and grated ginger. Steaming hot rice and this spicy fish curry is a staple diet in Kolkata. If you are a seafood lover, then you should definitely try Macher Jhol, which is available in every restaurant and food outlet in Kolkata. 

Kolkata Biryani:

There’s no dearth of the best places to eat Biryani in India, and Kolkata is just another one of them. Inspired by the royal Awadhi style of cooking, Kolkata Biryani often features round potatoes and boiled eggs. Although a little lighter on spices compared to the Hyderabadi or Lucknowi version, Kolkata Biryani is deliciously flavorful with succulent pieces of soft meat. Arsalan and Aminia are, in general, the most popular to eat this delicious food in Kolkata. Royal Indian Hotel, a 100-plus-old restaurant, is also quite popular for serving Awadhi-style Kolkata biryani (without potatoes though). 

Kosha Mangsho:

A spicy mutton curry originated in Bengal, Kosha Mangsho is now famous throughout the country, if not the world. Marinated mutton flavored with a variety of authentic spices and cooked over low heat until tender, Kosha Mangsho is best enjoyed with steamed rice or parathas or luchhis. Its thick gravy has a rich brown color, smooth texture, and the soft chunks of mutton just melt in your mouth like butter. The 95-year-old Golbari eatery situated at Shyambazar has been the go-to place for the best Kosha Mangsho in the city. This Kolkata food is an absolute must-try for all non-veg lovers.

Aloo Posto:

This typical Bengali dish is one of the most famous and best veg food in Kolkata vegetarians must try without fail. A common food item served as a side dish in every Bengali household, Aloo Posto is a delicious potato curry cooked in a flavorful paste of roasted poppy seeds. The recipe requires only a few basic ingredients and minimal effort. Moderately spicy, Aloo Posto has a mild nutty flavor and is paired with white rice or Bengali flatbread. As a quintessential Bengali side dish, Aloo Posto can be found on the menu of every Bengali veg food outlet.


A deep-fried snack, Telebhaja comes in different varieties – Peyanji (onion), Beguni (eggplant), Aloor (potato), Mochar (banana blossom), Macher (fish), and more! These vegetable chops (or meat chops) are dipped in a batter of gram flour before they are dropped in hot (mustard) oil. The outcome, a crunchy and crispy fritter called Telebhaja is much-loved street food in Kolkata. Any given evening, you’ll find Telebhaja food stalls on streets teeming with people relishing this snack. Go join them and taste as many varieties of Telebhaja when you are in Kolkata.  

Bengali Sweets: 

How can we talk about the best food in Kolkata and not mention Bengali sweets? People having a sweet tooth are in for a treat in Kolkata. A food tour of Kolkata is incomplete without tasting the well-known Bengali desserts. Visit any of Kolkata’s legendary sweet shops (two of the most popular ones are Balaram Mullick and Radharam Mullick) and satisfy your sweet cravings. The traditional Bengali sweets such as Roshogulla, Rasmalai, Sondesh, Payesh, Mishti Doi, Patisapta, Malpua, Chomchom, Lobongo Lotika, etc., are to die for! 

Meta Description: Hearty meat dishes, tasty seafood, simple veg curries, tempting street food, and a range of delicious desserts; food in Kolkata leaves foodies wanting more! Here are 6 famous Kolkata dishes you must try.