Four Main Facts to Consider Before Purchasing an AC

In today’s era having various appliances within homes, offices and even institutions has become a necessity. One such appliance that aids in battling against the constant shift in climate, is an Air Conditioner. Welcome and have a look at what you should consider before getting yourself one.

With the recent climatic change affecting Kenya as a whole, a more hot climate has been experienced all over. Air conditioners have played a crucial role in ensuring that people can withstand the hot waves.

Before purchasing an Ac one must consider a few aspects that will aid them. Today we will be discussing such general aspects that can help you to get the perfect AC for your home or even your organization. click for source

The capacity of The Room

The size of the room, house or even office directly determines the size of the air conditioner. A large AC will simply occupy more space and seem out of place in a small room. The same can be said by installing a small-sized AC in a large room. Measuring where the AC is to be placed, gives you a clear picture of the size it should be.

Tonnage Capacity

This mainly refers to an Air conditioner’s cooling capacity. This fact directly affects the ac price in Kenya, since the level of the tonnage of an AC determines how much it can cool a room. So the higher the tonnage, the less amount of electricity required by the air conditioner, the higher its price. Although these facts also depend on the room size, small rooms require low tonnage while larger rooms require higher tonnage.

The Type of AC

There are multiple types of AC all ranging in size, functionality and design. Depending on where the AC is to be installed there can only be a small range of options. Below is a brief description of the various categories available:

  • Window Air conditioners – are common choice AC for small rooms. They are designed to fit into windows so they don’t usually require excessive modification or have cumbersome installations.
  • Split Air Conditioner – consists of two units, one indoors and another outdoors. Generally used to cool single areas or multi-zone systems can be installed.
  • Ducted Air Conditioning – is also considered a central air conditioning system; where a large compressor is on the outside of a building and an internal evaporative unit with facts that conditions air through vents.

Power Consumption

Air conditioners are known to consume large amounts of power. So, knowing the amount of power consumed by an AC is a critical factor. Each type of Ac consumes power at different rates and recently NEA (National Environment Agency) developed a green tick rating for Air conditioners. The higher the tick rating the less electricity they consume, so before purchasing any kind of AC always inquire about their green tick rating.

In conclusion, the above factors are just general pointers you need to look into when window shopping for an Air conditioner. Other factors can be considered but mainly if you have specific expectations when purchasing one.