AllFree vs. Real Money Slot Machines: Which are better? 

Free vs. Real Money Slot Machines: Which are better? 

For the last several thousand years the concept of gambling has fascinated us humans in various ways, with recent archaeological finds pointing to the fact that people have been playing simple gambling games since 2000 BC, or even further back! Isn’t that interesting? And it also explains why casino gambling in the 21st century is so outrageously popular. 

Yes, the age-old love of gambling is definitely one explanation, but a better reason is the emergence of online casino, and the absolute dominance of slots and online slots too – check out no deposit spins for UK punters. Slot machine gambling is by far the most popular type of gambling in the modern day, accounting for almost 50% of all gambling revenue in 2020. But here’s the thing: what wins in the battle between free vs. real money slot machines? It’s a question we’re about to get to the bottom of… 

An overview of real money slot machines 

Real money slot machines are what most people tend to think of when the term “slot machine” is mentioned, because it is these slot variants that gain by far the most attention. The reason for this is pretty simple too: real money slot machines are capable of paying out some pretty hefty jackpots, and make the overall gambling experience a lot more enjoyable. 

The first slot machines to ever be made were real money slot machines, for instance, however these very early forms weren’t actually able to pay out real money, with prizes instead being free drinks or cigars. This all changed when a man called Charles D. Fey entered the fray, designing the Liberty Bell machine, the world’s first true real money slot. Nowadays real money slot machines are everywhere, even online! 

An overview of free slot machines 

The concept of a free slot machine can be quite difficult to get your head around if you are truly committed and steadfast slot gambler, mainly because it can be hard to see the point if you aren’t actually spending or receiving any money. Regardless, free slot machines are prominent in the 21st century, receiving a much-needed boost from the online slots industry. 

Free slot machines have been around for almost as long as real money slot machines too mind you. In fact, for the first few decades of the 20th century free slot machines were more popular than real money slot machines, because real money slot machines were illegal! 

Reasons to prefer real money slot machines 

There are plenty of reasons why people tend to prefer real money slot machines, here are a few of them: 

  •         Quintessential gambling experience: Let’s be honest – it’s difficult to have a truly quintessential gambling experience without spending real money.
  •         Big jackpots: Part of the appeal of slot machines are the jackpots, things that are only available on real money slots.

Reasons to prefer free slot machines 

And what about free slot machines? There are a few reasons for this too:

  •         Practise makes perfect: With free slot machines you can practise all you want, without actually losing money.
  •         A tool in the fight against addiction: Unfortunately slot gambling addictions are on the rise these days, however free slot machines can be a great fight against this.

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