FashionGAMMA Jacket - The Perfect All-Climate Apparel for Every Occasion

GAMMA Jacket – The Perfect All-Climate Apparel for Every Occasion

Graphene has become very popular in a number of industries as one of the most versatile and durable materials. Its unique properties have made it attractive as a potential replacement for battery cells, medicinal devices, and industrial filtration and water treatment. However, such uses have also cut graphene off from the general public, by and large.

Graphene apparel such as the GAMMA jacket aims to turn that on its head. By infusing nylon with graphene, the jacket aims to utilize graphene’s best properties to deliver an outer clothing item that’s attractive, effective, and incredibly durable. And it’s no doubt that the jacket is popular, meeting extremely high success in crowdfunding campaigns. One more option that you should include in your wardrobe is zeta ar jacket.

The graphene jacket boasts incredible durability and resistance to wear and tear. The nylon-graphene blend is strong enough to resist knife cuts. It’s also extraordinarily light, with the entire jacket weighing just over a pound. This makes it one of the best things to pack for any kind of outdoor trip or travel, as it can easily fit in a small bag or backpack. Due to its low mass, the jacket is also comfortable, making you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all.

Apart from the surprising durability, the GAMMA jacket is also windproof and waterproof. Every inch of the jacket down to the zips and ties is impervious to water infiltration, ensuring the wearer is completely dry even when caught in a downpour. This makes it excellent for any season, allowing you to wear it all year long. As a single piece of apparel, this graphene jacket might just end up a lifetime purchase.

The GAMMA jacket also uses graphene’s superior heat conductivity. In cold weather, the graphene layer redistributes the wearer’s body heat while sealing it inside the jacket for longer. This makes the jacket extremely useful in the spring and fall, when the weather can change quickly from cold to warm and back again. In freezing temperatures, the wearer’s body heat and even layering might not be enough. In those cases, the built-in heaters are GAMMA’s innovation in the graphene apparel field. The heaters can quickly raise the jacket’s internal temperature and slow heat loss. The heaters are powered externally via any power bank through the USB port. Since any power devices are removable from the jacket, it’s perfectly safe for machine washing, just in case you get something sticky on the jacket.

In warm weather, the jacket acts as a windbreaker and redirects heat away from the body. The graphene-nylon blend is UV resistant, reducing the amount of heat it picks up from sunlight and keeping the user cooled down on scorching days. The jacket’s waterproofing comes into effect on the inner side as well, wicking away excess moisture and sweat to keep the wearer dry.

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Modern clothing items often come in tacky colors that are difficult to mix and match. Luckily, the GAMMA jacket has a neutral black color with minor gray accents and details. It’s unintrusive and can blend with any other piece of clothing the wearer might prefer. The jacket is also form-fitting, accentuating the upper body for men and the hourglass figure for women. It also comes with 10 pockets spread around the jacket allowing the wearer to store travel documents, money, phone, and valuables with ease.

If you want to find out more about this all-climate jacket, check out the manufacturer’s crowdfunding campaign at

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