Get Artificial Voice with Different Languages & Accent with


Now you can easily generate human-like Text-to-Speech audio with the help of AI-generated voice. It allows you to immediately convert written text into realistic speech and download it in WAV or MP3 format.

These days generating realistic voiceovers have become quite common for e-learning, videos, podcasts, voiceovers, and more. And what serves as the icing on the cake is that you can create audio using synthetic voices in several languages. This enhances your content accessibility, boosts your user engagement, and they spend more time on your website.

Be it a blog post or e-learning material; you can convert it into different languages using The software gives you the luxury of converting a simple text into as many as 132 different languages of your preference. It allows you to integrate real-time voice synthesis into your website using API. The program is flooded with over 832 voices and accents to select from. You can pick any voice which matches your requirement and use it.

Pick the best Text-to-Speech AI voice for your content offers you a gigantic library of human-like voices with natural intonation in as many as 132 languages. The AI-generated voice makes it simpler for the users to convert text into their preferred language and enjoy it. Whether marketing, narrative, regional ad promotions, podcast, support voices, or tutorials, Play helps to break the language barrier for online websites.

Your website doesn’t need to be converted into different languages. Just choose and convert your text into any local language of your choice.

How can you convert a text or video into different languages?

Voice conversion has become quite simple. So, it can be easily cloned if you want someone to talk in your voice.

Using voice AI generation, you can assess the text and produce voices available in different languages. Whether you need a British or German accent, the choice is yours.

Many use cases showcase how you can localize a voice according to the region. The best software is decked with a number of options in different languages. And all you need to do is pick the right voice in the desired language to generate the best results.

Steps to convert a Text-to-Speech into a different language?

  • Type or copy the text

When using a language voice generator, you can either import or type the content to transform it into speech in just a few seconds.

  • Choose the language and a voice

There are over 132 different language options and more than 832 natural voices to pick from.

  • Preview the voice

After you have selected everything, you can preview the voice, and if you want to change the speed, tone, or pronunciation, you can do it here.

  • Tap on “Convert” and download the file on your system

Using Voice AI generator, you can easily convert any text into the high-quality language of your choice within seconds. The downloaded file is available in WAV or MP3 format.