Give your Firearm a New Personality with Cerakote Coating!

Although finishes are used for firearms for an extended period, many new finishes have made it to the market. But one of the recent finishes that are spreading like wildfire in the firearm community is Cerakote. 

Cerakote is a distinct finish compared to the traditional method in which stainless steel or blued steel is used. But have you ever thought about why Cerakote has become so popular in such a short time? Does its effectiveness match its popularity?

In this blog post, we will discuss why Cerakote has become so popular and how you can give your firearm a completely new touch with Cerakote coating. 

The beauty of Cerakote finish 

Almost all kinds of firearms in the market come with some coating, and this is necessary because even the most reliable and durable steel can sustain damage over time. Such damages are due to rusting, general wear and tear, and even inclement weather. 

The two most common types of finishes used for firearms are stainless and bluing. But the new type of finish being called Cerakote is eating away the market share of both the traditional finishes at a swift pace. 

Cerakote is a more modern finish that is being used on almost all kinds of firearms. The best thing about Cerakote is that it acts as a finish and acts as a coating. It means that Cerakote can even change the texture and appearance of your gun. In addition to imbuing the surface of the firearm with a long list of benefits. 

A company has made this finish of the same name. The name comes from the company mixing two words; ‘coat’ and ‘ceramic.’

While using Cerakote finishes, you will realize that it is a ceramic-looking finish that mixes ceramic particles to create a hard surface that can withstand damage caused by any condition. In addition to this, it also keeps out moisture and other harmful particles. 

Currently, the Cerakote finish is available in only green and tan colors, but there are some manufacturers in the market offering the Cerakote finishes in hue color. 

Is it suitable for your gun?

Cerakote offers a long list of benefits. It is the best layer of safety against oxidation and corrosion, especially when you compare it with traditional solutions like anti-oil formulas. Cerakote can be the best choice if your gun is constantly exposed to marine or humid environments.

The ceramic coating also helps keep your firearm safe from the regular damage caused by debris and dust. So, we can say that Cerakote finishes are great for dry, hot, and even desert environments. 

Since Cerakote is a physical coating, it adds up to almost two-thousandths of an inch of thickness to the surface area of your firearm. For many guns, just adding even a little bit of consistency can act as a magic wand for those areas of your weapon that have become weak due to regular wear and tear. 

Even better, Cerakote can easily bind with a wide array of surfaces, and that’s why you don’t have to worry about the specific type of firearm you have before applying Cerakote. 

Cerakote is the best finish available in the market, and it is now widely available in the gun market and even on the online platform. It doesn’t matter which type of surface your firearm has; you can go for Cerakote finishes and capitalize on its benefits.