Gold Booker-Smart way of making money

Gold Booker is a digital asset investment company that provides services with a secure and fast transaction infrastructure developed by world standards, in governance of the expert team and experienced advisory board. Registered in US, Hong Kong and Canada, however the office is headquartered in Canada.

They started Gold Booker back in 2018 – providing a service where they manually emailed out investors and provided 1-on-1 help with their traders to help them gaining financial knowledge and expertise.

With many months of hard work, they have now refined and developed our trading approach into a reliable gold trading methodology, which you can access 24*7 on our website. People from anywhere around the world can be a Gold Trader with just a few clicks.

They have been trading gold very successfully for many years and started providing service at a global level in 2019 to help other investors learn how to trade gold successfully too. Gold Booker objective is to help people become self-sufficient and not depend on any external advice. To that end, they have put together experts to trade for you while you can sit back and just count your profits.

Their team is very professional and qualified in Gold Trading Markets and have a system of Trading bots working 24 hours a day in favor to generate daily ROI.


Packages 1

$50 – $14,999

Daily Income: 1.5%

Referral Income: 8%

Binary Income: 10%

Duration: 200 Days

Total Returns: 300%


Packages 2

$15,000 – $34,999

Daily Income: 1.75%

Referral Income: 9%

Binary Income: 10%

Duration: 200 Days

Total Returns: 350%


Packages 3

$35,000 – $50,000

Daily Income: 2%

Referral Income: 10%

Binary Income: 10%

Duration: 200 Days

Total Returns: 400%


Payouts: Monday- Friday

Withdrawals: Every month on 5th, 15th and 25th




  1. Best ROI plans
  2. Minimum investment just $50
  3. Daily Profit 1.5% to 2%
  4. Affordable plans
  5. Minimum withdrawal is just $20
  6. Withdrawals on 5th, 15th and 25th of every month
  7. Payouts on 6th, 16th and 26th of every month
  8. Withdrawal fees only 10%
  9. No capping on Referral Income
  10. Unlimited Binary income
  11. No Binary Levels
  12. Referral income gets credited instantly
  13. Binary income gets credited every day at server time
  14. Promotional assets and tools to help you drive sales
  15. Competitive commission rates
  16. Be part of a winning team