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Guide for guest posting

Guest posts are effective credibility marketing tools for a variety of purposes, including having your brand listed and featuring in advertised search query results. However, the majority of people use them to insert backlinks.A quick google search can quickly provide you with a list of sites that accept guest posts. Today, there is lot of information on internet that a normal person tends to get lost in all of it and therefore he/she needs a guiding hand to learn these things and who better than expert SEO professionals who provide digital marketing services and help a business or a page to grow organically by implementing various optimizing methods. Activeseoshield provide you guest posting as well as other SEO services.

Who can write guest post?

Generally, anyone can write guest post but only some can write really good ones which attract tremendous audience and gets viral. A guest post should be relevant, on topic and creatively written. It should be such that it prone people to share it on social media. Proper anchor text should be used and outbound links should be helpful.

An SEO guest blogging writer can write hundreds of articles on a variety of topics for distribution on a variety of websites under different names. However, if Google uses other methods to classify the author across several pages, it can then assess the sites are possibly offering links in guest posts. So, if you’re want to use guest posts for SEO, avoid websites that do it on a daily basis, if not all of the time. Since Google’s Penguin algorithm update happens in real time, you’ll spend a lot of money however the links won’t count. Nobody really, not even Google, and definitely not the individual who paid for the link, would inform you the link isn’t passing authority.

Find out which posts do better

To make sure you get your required guest post in specific niche, you need to first research on your own. You should see which topics are trending and may attract traffic and once that is done, approach the guest post writer with your pitch and the topic you need him to write about. Apart from this, guest bloggers don’t always accept the offer for free and you may need to pay him/her for your work. It should be upon you to decide, how much popular the blogger is, how much he/she can influence the audience and if you are willing to pay then will you get results as required or not?

Once guest posting is finalised, you should tract the metrics that may help you denote how successful the guest blogging was. You can check up rank on the google search result, measure inbound traffic as well as conversions if there are any. So, after some time of guest blogging you may be able to compare the result and see how it has changes the numbers and how much successful it was. Further, these activities help you plan your other SEO activities and then you can decide how much importance you should give to each one of them in future.

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