BusinessGuide for purchasing car wash machine in Kenya

Guide for purchasing car wash machine in Kenya

With a huge number of those in the middle class buying cars now more than ever, the car wash business is at its peak. It’s a lucrative business that has really taken off over the last few years. Also, you may just be a vehicle owner wanting to invest in your own machine. If that’s the case, keep reading as we have the good, the bad and the ugly.



If the number of cars registered in Kenya is anything to go by, then the surge in the car wash business makes sense. In order to be a cut above the rest and ensure efficacy, then investing in proper tools and machines is a wise move. Whether it is petroleum fueled or electric, your budget will determine what type of machine you will get. Both options are available for both business and domestic use.



The car wash machine price in Kenya will determine how many machines you decide to purchase. Either way you’re saving on labour as only one person is required per machine which translates to one person per vehicle. You would probably have two or three people working on one vehicle without a machine. If it’s for domestic use, then you can absolutely do it yourself and save yourself some coins and the hassle of hiring a professional.


Whether you’re cleaning a family car or a truck, the turnaround time on cleaning with this cleaning equipment will also be halved. With a good length of your hose and high water pressure you will be sure to move from car to car in under ten minutes. Gone are the days when you would spend hours cleaning your car or even dreading it.


The ability to move your machine around the vehicle, from one area to another is a huge plus. Some of these machines are quite heavy and will come with wheels for easier movement within your premises. This type of adjustability is convenient for the user and makes a good reason to purchase one.



As mentioned earlier, your options are either petrol, electric and even battery powered. This means the car washing machine price in Kenya will vary, and you will be digging into your pocket whenever the machine goes on. This should not deter you, especially if the machine is for business. Use this as an opportunity to mark up your price to cover costs.


When in use it may be pretty loud. Your neighbours may not be too happy about that. Lucky for them, it’s a quick job and will be off in no time. If you’re running a business in a commercial property or completely isolated then you have nothing to worry about.


This machine is a good investment whichever way you want to look at it. The good outweighs the bad. This type of equipment will serve you for years to come with little to no maintenance requirements. Due diligence is required when shopping around for one, since demand affects the price. Don’t be afraid to venture down town where you might just get yourself a deal. For more information, check

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