Guide to Drywall for Bathroom Use


The drywall in the bathroom is extremely useful. The wall panels used in the drywall must be of good quality to last them for a longer time. As there are different kinds of drywall available in the market, you need to ensure certain factors before buying them.

These drywalls are made available for different purposes, they are used in the kitchen, garage, and other parts of the house. The bathroom is said to be one of the most important parts of the whole house.

You can have everything in the single room and adjust your living but, a separate and as well as attached bathroom is a necessity. This blog will discuss the meaning of the term drywall and how drywall is used in the bathroom.

What do you mean by ‘drywall’?

The drywall is a wall panel that is used for the protection of the wall from water and moisture.

What are the different kinds of drywall?

There are different kinds of drywall available in the market. Listed below are some of the most known and useful drywall wall panels that you can use in your bathroom.

  • Type X drywall

Type X drywall is thicker, fire-resistant drywall. Off-white, ivory, warm whites are the different colors of the paper, which sets it apart from other drywall. Cutting drywall with a knife is difficult and usually necessitates the use of a saw.

  • Wall panel with a green tint

The green board is resistant to dampness. However, the board is not waterproof. It’s not the same as the board made of cement, which is more durable and suitable for high-moisture locations such as the bathroom. But, the green board is suitable for use on bathroom walls.

  • Wall panels that are paperless

Panels that are made of paper will eventually be used again and can only be found in old houses. It takes the place of drywall which is covered by paper, which isn’t water or fire-resistant. These panels are now more costly than other types of drywalls.

As time passes, it will become the norm. In addition, the pricing will be the new standard. Don’t be concerned if other drywalls start to disappear. Drywall that is made of paper will become more affordable. It is a wonderful thing because the only disadvantage is the price!

It’s critical to insulate the area before putting up drywall. If the panel is an exterior wall, this is very crucial. For lower temperature climates, use thicker insulation; for milder climes, use regular insulation.

Installing insulation can have respiratory risks, so it needs to be cut from the outside and installed while wearing a mask inside. If you have diseases like asthma, avoid handling the process of insulation. You need to avoid touching the fluffy part of the insulation, only stapling the paper.

When putting up the drywall, you need to make sure the edges are flush and flat. A broken or tapered edge might make mudding difficult and hinder the process of insulation and disrupt its function.


The drywall for bathroom use must be the best quality water-resistant wall panel that will serve its role in the best way. To choose the best from the large varieties, you need to go through this blog and learn about what to look for when you decide to buy the drywall.

In most cases, people end up getting the wrong type of drywall for bathroom use. As discussed above, to absorb the water and avoid damp walls, it is the best alternative to use extra wall panels in the bathroom.