Guide to Gold Jhumkas Shopping


As a teenager, I was often overwhelmed with the pair of Gold Jhumkas my mother adorned me with during those special festivities at home. Jhumkas created magic on the traditional Kanjeevaram half sarees instantly amplifying the beauty by a notch higher. My memory of those gold Jhumkas is still fresh, for the beauty of those Jhumkas was such. As I grew up, there are several occasions I wore them, nonetheless, the craving for a second pair didn’t leave for years.

Having looked around for multiple Jhumka earrings design, I became a pro at picking one, various designs, weight ranges, prices, and above all the best attires to adorn them.

Here are a few tips that will come in handy to you:

Stunning Design Range

When it comes to Jhumkas there is a wide range of designs that you can try your hands on. Keeping the basic Jhumka style intact, designers have recreated various styles on the dome of the Jhumka and the top to which the Jhumka hangs. From simple glossy finished plain Jhumka to floral vines design Jhumkas are the ones that create the overall spark- In fact not really!

The tops to which the Jhumka hang are also equally important. Designers have tried to bring in as much as design fusion to both tops and the bottom Jhumki. For example, there are several variations from simple stone stud tops to heavy peacock carved tops, from floral bloom tops to pear-shaped temple designs- there is the versatility that is instilled in every Jhumka pair you touch.

Another newest variant in Jhumkas are the dangles that hang to the  Jhumka- ranging from south sea pearls that skirt the entire Jhumka to an oversized dangle drop in the middle, you can find multiple styles that are endearing.

A style you must have

Jhumkas are something that every woman should own. A pair or more totally depends on your preference. If you are someone who isn’t into traditional adornments at all, then no worries! There is something perfect for you and also a value for money buy- Detachable gold Jhumka earrings that can be readily converted to studs by removing the Jhumka. This way you can use them two-way accomplishing your minimalist goals and traditional adornment objectives too.

Jhumka Earrings price andweight range

Ideally, Jhumkas are a traditional item coming in higher weight ranges. But, one can choose smaller Jhumka designs too. The weight entirely depends on the size of the Jhumka and the design. A simple and petite pair of Jhumkas can start as low as 5gms and go above 10 gms. If you are eyeing the oversized traditional temple designs then the weight can go up even further because of the design.

Considering the 22Kt gold rate today which is varying between INR 4200-4800 per gram a Jhumka can cost you an average of 40,000 INR considering a weight range of 5-8gms.

Similarly, bridal Jhunka designs also come in higher weight ranges. On a final note, Jhumkis are a great styling accessory that you can sport on every Indian, indo-western, and fusion wear. For those of you who wish to bring home this lovely adornment, it is recommended you do your fair share of research before you get that coveted piece home.