BusinessHand-Lettered Acrylic Keychains

Hand-Lettered Acrylic Keychains

In search of the ideal customized present for your father, your graduate, or anybody else from your life? Why not design a unique keychain? Everyone may use it, and you can customize it totally by combining whatever colors and text you desire. I recently explained how to make personalized keychains using permanent vinyl and your Cricut machine. Here, a  showcase of an alternative combining an identical acrylic keychain kit, some paint, and your hand calligraphy is shown. Let’s look at it! Among the most popular items that may be personalized as presents is a keychain made of personalized acrylic. Vograce has several that are straightforward: Simply provide a name and one of the various cartoon symbols that will be printed next to it. Additionally, you may choose one of two color schemes and two distinct typefaces for the names that will be printed on the product.

A logical evolution for keychains that could function as simple presents is nametags attached to keyrings. After all, the first keychains were just labels for various keys. They enable the individuality of the loved one to shine since they are robust, much more lasting than fabric nametags, and they are crystal clear, and much more customizable. Look for something like a keychain with a combination of distinctive and practical. You may discover a lot of different internet tools to make your acrylic picture keychain.


  • Kit for Acrylic Keychains contains blanks, tassels, chains, jump rings, tassels, and key rings
  • Pliers
  • acrylic paint for several surfaces in the color of your choice
  • Fine-tipped paintbrushes  OR use a permanent marker

Creating your personalized acrylic keychains.

Step 1: Over one side of the acrylic blank, paint a color stripe.

Make care to first take off the transparent protective film from the blank’s both sides. Then, using your preferred acrylic or multi-surface paint, add a paint stripe in whatever color you desire with a paintbrush. Instead, try painting your keychain with a thick layer of Glitterific paint to make it shine! Before proceeding to the following stage, allow the paint to fully dry.

Step 2: Include your text or design.

Use a fine-pointed paint pen or a permanent marker to write your phrase or remark on the keychain’s reverse side. You are allowed to adorn your work with whatever decorations you choose, such as golden dots.

With only a monogram or by lettering a name or phrase, you may keep things extremely basic. Check out my article on beginning faux calligraphy if you’re new to hand lettering. It’s simpler than you would imagine!

Simply write your text, then go back and thicken any downstrokes (areas where your pen moved downward while writing). Your pen glides downward mostly on the left side “d” and the left side of the stem, for instance, in the word “dad.” Downstrokes are also used on the “left “‘s side and stem. Create the word “dad” in a lovely brush script font by adding a second line to each of those locations and coloring the area in between.

Step: 3: Add the string, ring, and tassel

To connect the chain and keyring, thread an open leap ring through the blank’s hole. To lock the jump ring, use pliers. If you want to add a tassel, you may slip it onto the keychain itself or attach it to the top or bottom leap rings.

These keychains may be customized in a plethora of ways. The fact that I can use the unique names that my children have for their grandparents—such as “Poppy,” “Grammy,” “Pop-Pop,” and “G-Mom”—instead of the more common ones makes me very happy.

You may use an acrylic spraying sealer or paint a layer of Epoxy over your lettering to further preserve your final keychain. By doing this, the paint will be protected from typical wear and tear. Everyone needs keys, so these cute keychains are wonderful presents, plus they’re a lot of fun to make. How do you feel? Which one do you prefer? You can find some of the ones made with the Cricut as well as the lettered ones. Whatever method you choose to manufacture these, they’ll be a beloved present!

An acrylic keychain is a wonderful present. Since the invention of novelty items like Tamagotchis and keychain multi-tools, these knickknacks have served as markers of the identities of distinct people. They have changed as a result of the need for customization. They will seem more personal and get the sender more credit for the consideration they put into the present the more customizable they are.

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