Hiring the right people that possess the required skills and fit into your company’s culture is crucial for your business to be a success. You need to build a strong and coherent team of people that contribute positively to the growth of your organization.

However, as crucial as hiring is, it can be a long, complicated, and tedious process. You sometimes need to involve different personnel – from both inside & outside the company – and carry out various steps to find the candidate that best fits your company’s needs.

Fortunately, a good mobile ATS software (applicant tracking software) can help you completely transform your hiring process – increasing the overall productivity, significantly reducing costs, and streamlining your activities. In fact, according to Capterra, 94% of recruiters and hiring managers reported that using an ATS has helped them achieve exactly those goals.


Using an ATS to streamline your hiring process can bring many benefits. Some of the key advantages are:

It keeps the recruitment activity in one location

The ATS acts like a central location for all your recruitment activities. Most mobile ATS provide a dashboard where you can view candidate records, schedules, reports, etc.

Speeds up the time-to-hire

ATS helps recruiters save a lot of time by keeping all the data organized and easily accessible.

Facilitates easy and seamless collaboration between hiring managers, recruiters, and the interviewers

By capturing all the applicant data in one place, your team can stay synchronized throughout the process.

Helps you communicate with candidates

Most ATS platforms enable a convenient and consistent candidate communication system with built-in email templates.

Integrates with your already existing in-house tools

By integrating with the already existing in-house human resource management systems (HRIS), ATS helps the hiring team save time and maintain accurate records.

Helps you sort through candidates records easily

With robust search features, ATS can help you find the candidates according to your requirements in a matter of seconds.

Builds reports to help you study the completed process and improve

Most ATS enables the creation of detailed reports based on critical metrics such as recruitment source quality, time-to-hire, team productivity, etc. which can be used to further optimize and improve the process.

Helps increase your visibility on job boards and social media

Most ATS comes with in-built tools that are integrated with major job boards like ZipRecruiter and Indeed, making the process of sharing job opening easy and optimum.

●  Standardizes the recruitment process

Most ATS provide recruiters with rating systems and form fields to ensure that all candidates are being evaluated according to the same criteria for fairness.

●  Can be configured to send regular reminders to help you stay on track

Most ATS allows you to set the default as well as custom notifications and reminders, which subsequently helps the hiring team stay productive and hire the top candidates. You can also use the Online Applicant Tracking System


Before you start the implementation of your ATS project, it can be tremendously helpful to understand some of the best practices to follow to help you along your journey.

Do a detailed and thorough evaluation of your existing recruitment systems

The existing recruitment system in your organization will form the foundation for your new system. Identify the issues with your current system and plan a strategy to address these issues in the implementation of your new system. Additionally, if there are things that are working well for your organization’s recruitment process, strategize to implement them as well.

Create a detailed and flexible plan for implementation

Strategizing and carefully designing an implementation plan will help you estimate the cost of completing the project. This will allow you the flexibility of changing things according to your requirements even before the implementation process has started.

Select the right ATS for your organization

Choosing an ATS can be a difficult task. However, scrutiny and effort to ensure that the vendor and software are the right fit for your business is imperative. Vendor matching companies may prove to be invaluable for ensuring that you find the right system.

Work closely with the vendor you have chosen

A good vendor for your ATS will provide you plenty of support throughout the lifetime of your implementation project. The vendor knows their software well and you know your company well. In tandem, the implementation process can be made to be smooth and efficient.

Involve all the important people in the implementation process

Who to involve in the implementation process may vary from company to company. While recruiters and hiring managers are necessary to involve some less obvious choices may be the marketing team to make sure that the configuration and branding are done right for the applicant portal or the IT department to make sure they understand the software to provide technical assistance whenever required.

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Plan for the regular system updates

Technology moves fast and however great your ATS is, it will need regular updates to keep it functioning correctly and optimally. Verbiage may transform, new features may be added, and your recruitment methods may transform as time passes. Considering and planning for the regular updates will help avoid problems down the road.


The hiring process is not an easy thing to master. However, with the right implementation of ATS, your company is prepared to hire more strategically and efficiently. While outdated technologies are still prevalent in various organizations all around the globe, we are seeing new mobile ATS being developed for the modern world. As organizations compete for the best candidate, the applicant experience is gaining ever-increasing priority. There are a lot of Top Free and Open Source Applicant Tracking System for different Businesses. Businesses and organizations that use an HR mobile ATS, and stay organized from beginning to end of the hiring process and will be the first to find the best candidates that fit their company.

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