Handmade, Artist Designed and made in NYC Women’s Jewelry at AdoreShine.com


AdoreShine Jewelry is a company dedicated to providing stylish, artistically designed fashion accessories at an affordable price for women. With thousands of Americans now in need of a smaller budget, the organization’s mission, which is to be established by 2020, has made it necessary to create affordable products. Still, people deserve a little more, including great looks, which was the inspiration for the founding of Adore Shine jewelry.
The company was founded by two sisters dedicated to the cause, Emily Sanchez and Megan Sanchez, who come from poor families and understand the need for affordable products. We believe that it shouldn’t be expensive to look good, and we want women to be confident, regardless of their budget. That’s why we offer jewelry and accessories designed by female artists directly in New York.

While making the jewellery we have considered all the essential facts that make the jewellery suitable for every woman. We offer different types of shapes of necklaces, earrings, and patterns. The jewellery is made with different types of arts, the jewelry can be made the focal piece to enhance the look, you can balance the entire look by combining basics with the bold collection. The eye-catching designs and patterns are noteworthy. We have paid much attention to details like colours that go with skin tones for example; rose gold, brass, and gold enhance the look of the warm skin tone person. We understand that jewellery is the best way to accessorize and gives an elevation to the entire appearance including the outfit it is a way to express oneself. With this judgment, we bring some essentials or staples to be added to the jewellery collection of every woman. Every woman should own these staple ornaments and items that just in the way you have wardrobe-essentials. These staple pieces effortlessly enhance the look. 

4 Staple pieces that everyone should have:

  1. Simple bracelets: Bracelet is very feminine and polishes the entire outfit; the trendy geometric designs can be paired with other accessories. Bracelets are simple, delicate yet very classy.
  2. Hoop earrings: These days hoops are a lot in trend, find the hoop earrings that match the frame of the face. Hoop earrings must be measured properly in order to get the ideal size that suits the face and frame. These trendy rings easily enhance casual look at the same time adds glam quotient to an evening party or night out. 
  3. Stacked rings: Stacked rings are a different a version of style; they have been in trend for a long time however matching with different colours and in varied shapes extend the fashion.
  4. Layered necklaces: Pairing up different layers of necklaces offer a different variety, pairing up short and delicate chains with bold ones give a startling look.

    We proudly sell over 50% of our products for under $20, and a chain of handmade products in New York can often cost over $100. We have arrived where we are today by making handmade, stylish jewelry and fashion accessories here in the USA. With a new watch line being added to the site, we have great things planned for the future of Adoreshine.
    AdoreShine Jewelry is your goal to get jewelry, accessories and the latest style. To learn more about Adore ShineJewelry, visit our website at www.adoreshine – shop.com or contact us at 1-888-543-4357.